Naruto Gets Godly Abilities: Boruto Reveals New Powers for Naruto


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapter 64 reveals new abilities for Naruto, which grants the ever-popular Shonen character almost God-like powers. Spoilers are ahead for Boruto fans as we are revealing what caused Naruto to gain a new power level and use these abilities in an entirely new way.

One of the most recent and one of the greatest traumatic events for Naruto was losing Kuruma. Kuruma’s death left grave emotional scars on Naruto, which caused him to lose a part of himself. Ever since that event, Naruto has been on a mission to restore his previous potency by strengthening other techniques that he used.


Does Boruto Have the Byakugan, Tenseigan, or Jōgan?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 64 was released in November 2021, titled “Control”, showing Boruto in a fight against Code to save Kawaki. Naruto is trying to find his son to provide him with the much-needed support to defeat Code, for which he enters the Sage Mode. The idea is to use the Sage Mode to trace and track Boruto’s chakra.

Naruto managed to increase his powers by using the Sage Mode not to attack and fight, but to find a specific chakra through all the energies of the world. Still, Naruto will need to step up his game to help Boruto and defeat Code.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 228 Release Date

Moving forward, Kawaki is set to become a ninja in the pending episode 228. The new episode will be officially aired on December 12th, 2021, showing Boruto and Kawaki in somewhat a new light when it comes to their relationship. The episode will be available on Crunchyroll.   

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