Neon Gets Distribution Rights to Stephen King’s ‘The Monkey’ Starring Theo James, Releases in 2025

Neon Gets Distribution Rights to Stephen King's 'The Monkey' Starring Theo James, Releases in 2025

As far as individual authors go, Stephen King is certainly in the top of the list of authors whose works have been adapted. He is right there with Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan Doyle, and other authors whose works have been adapted often and in many forms. But unlike the aforementioned authors, King’s adaptations are usually original (sure, there have been some remakes – most notably It, Pet Sematary, and Carrie), while the other authors have seen their works adapted and remade more than once. In light of that fact, we can confirm that King’s story, “The Monkey,” had been adapted into a film this spring and the movie was presented to buyers at Cannes this year!

Knowing how popular King’s adaptations are, it was a sure thing that someone would buy the movie, and as it happens, Neon managed to nab the distribution rights for the upcoming movie and they have confirmed that a 2025 release date is currently planned.

The movie has a production crew filled with genre-experienced names, as James Wan and Michael Clear (M3GAN) are producing for Atomic Monster; Dave Caplan (Babylon) for C2 Motion Picture Group; Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Insidious) for Range Select; and Chris Ferguson (Child’s Play) for Odd Fellows. As for the executive producers, they include Range’s Fred Berger, Stars Collective’s Peter Luo and Nancy Xu, and John Friedberg of Black Bear, who was also in charge of negotiating the international sales rights. C2 financed the film.  

As for the cast of the film, Theo James (The White Lotus) will star in the movie next year, with Tatiana Maslany (SheHulk: Attorney at Law), Elijah Wood (The Lord of The Rings), Christian Convery (Sweet Tooth), Colin O’Brien (Wonka), Rohan Campbell (The Hardy Boys) and Sarah Levy (Schitt’s Creek). The film is directed by Osgood Perkins (Longlegs), who also adapted King’s story for the screen.

As for the official synopsis, the short story has been summarized as follows:

Hal didn’t know where it had come from, but every time the moth-eaten monkey with the strange yellow eyes clashed his cymbals, jang, jang, jang…somebody died. An irresistible urge had made him turn the key, but that was before he knew what it could do. He thought he had gotten rid of the evil thing once and for all. But the monkey had other plans for Hal.

We can expect a trailer, as well as more information about the movie’s release date in the future, so if you’re interested in finding out more about this upcoming adaptation, be sure to keep following us here on Fiction Horizon, as we are going to bring you all the latest information as soon as they arrive.

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