Netflix Confirms Season 2 for ‘Money Heist’ Spin-off Show ‘Berlin’

Netflix Confirms Season 2 for ‘Money Heist Spin Off Show ‘Berlin

Fans of ‘Money Heist’ have a reason to celebrate as Netflix announces the return of the beloved ‘Berlin’ for a second season. The spinoff, which zeroes in on the charismatic character Berlin, has quickly won over audiences, mirroring the success of its predecessor.

The first season of ‘Berlin’ hit the screens in late 2023 and made quite the splash. Within just its debut week, it climbed to the top of the charts as the most-watched series globally. It’s not just about the initial buzz, the show has consistently stayed in the top 10 for seven straight weeks in the non-English TV category. With viewers dedicating 348 million hours and counting, ‘Berlin’ has earned its spot among Netflix’s top non-English language hits.

The story takes us back to 2013, a few years before the heists we were glued to in ‘Money Heist.’ Berlin, portrayed by Pedro Alonso, leads a new crew on a daring heist in Paris, targeting 63 royal jewels. The season wrapped up with the crew successfully pulling off the heist, leaving fans eager for more.

Netflix’s announcement not only promises the return of Alonso but also confirms that Michelle Jenner, Tristán Ulloa, Begoña Vargas, Julio Peña Fernández, and Joel Sánchez will reprise their roles. The team is set to embark on new adventures, with filming slated to begin in 2025.


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While the plot for Season 2 remains under wraps, the timeline offers plenty of room for Berlin to engage in more thrilling heists without crossing paths with the events of ‘Money Heist.’ Given the series’ trajectory and the character’s fate in the original show, ‘Berlin’ will continue to explore his exploits as a prequel.

Fans can likely expect the premiere around December 2025, following the pattern of the first season’s release. It’s clear that the allure of heists, combined with the enigmatic Berlin, continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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