With a big trailer, Netflix has announced that one new movie is coming out every week this year!

Netflix has announced with a big trailer that one new movie is coming every week this year!

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, the company wants you to know that a lot of new movies are coming. Netflix has 70 movies on its list, more than Disney and Warner Bros. together, according to a 2021 film magazine published by the company. They include directorial debuts by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Halle Berry and the final installment in the To All the Boys I Loved Before trilogy.

This may not be a complete list – Netflix is ​​likely to acquire movies year-round. The cinema landscape is still shaky, and Netflix is ​​in a great position to buy movies that studios like Universal or Paramount can sell.

And Netflix was one of the few companies to grow while people stayed home during the global pandemic. But with more competition in the streaming space, Netflix needs more movies and TV shows to compete for people’s attention and wallets.

If people can’t go to the movies, studios will bring movies to people

If people can’t go to the movies, studios will bring movies to people. That’s the philosophy of WarnerMedia’s recent decision to simultaneously broadcast movies on HBO Max when they debut in theaters. Executives hope some of these films, including Dune, The Suicide Squad, and Matrix 4, will bring in HBO Max subscribers – while distracting some of the attention from Netflix.

Netflix has never released its movie list at once. But they hadn’t had this much competition before. WarnerMedia had Warner Bros. announcements, and HBO Max and Disney held a massive investor day in December, shooting title after title that will arrive at Disney Plus in 2021 and 2022. Netflix, which is better at retaining subscribers, reminds customers why they stick around: consistency and talent.

Below are 70 movies announced by Netflix for 2021. Some have previously announced release dates attached to the titles, while others should come out later in the year. You can find content for each of them on the Netflix website.

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