Netflix is Reportedly Considering “Stranger Things” Spinoffs

Netflix is Reportedly Considering “Stranger Things” Spinoffs

One of the biggest Netflix series ever, Stranger Things, is returning sometime next year, but we hear that Netflix is considering going even further with it.

In a talk at the conference earlier this week, Netflix’s Ted Sarandos said that “Stranger Things” is a “franchise being born,” suggesting that this could be only the beginning of bigger things to come.

Deadline reports, “Stranger Things is “a franchise being born,” Sarandos said, and hinted at “spinoffs.” There has been talk that star Millie Bobby Brown could be taking lead in an extension of the Duffer Bros universe under the terms of her own big Netflix deal.”

As we mentioned earlier, Stranger Things is one of the most precious originals Netflix has. Stranger Things 3 is still one of the most popular TV shows on the streaming platform. Reportedly, it was watched by 67 million accounts in the first 28 days of the release. The only shows that were watched more are “Sex/Life,” “The Witcher,” “Lupin: Part 1,” and “Bridgerton.”

This was not unexpected and will only follow the steps of other big TV shows, such as The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. There is a huge potential in Hawkins, and Netflix will certainly use it as best as possible. And we don’t mind it this time.

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