Netflix ‘Love, Death & Robots’ Releases Season 2 Trailer

Netflix 'Love, Death & Robots' Releases Season 2 Trailer

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Love, Death & Robots has released its first trailer for season two after a long wait. The award-winning anthology premiered a couple of years ago and was a great hit thanks to its innovative story and distinct animation style.

The reel above begins with a look into one of the season two shorts. It displays a 3D animation of a man and woman speaking before their conversation morphs into something out of this world. It appears that Love, Death & Robots will have a lot to offer fans this year, as the trailer continues to show off scenes from the upcoming season.

The anthology series, Love, Death & Robots, explores adult stories through the medium of animation, using a variety of styles, from anime to computer-generated imagery to 3D. Love, Death & Robots was created by Tim Miller, David Fincher, Jennifer Miller, and Joshua Donen. These creators have returned for season two, and fans have high hopes for this second episode.

During the first season of Love, Death & Robots, there were 18 episodes, each telling a different story. Most of the animated tales were NSFW thanks to violence, language, or sexual themes. There’s a good chance season two will follow in season one’s path only a few weeks from now. Love, Death & Robots recently announced that season two will arrive on Netflix on May 14.

Check out the first trailer for the second season of an amazing Netflix show Love, Death & Robots below.
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