Netflix Releases Trailer for Sex-Line Dutch Series ‘Dirty Lines’

dirty lines

Netflix has released the first teaser trailer and release date for the Dutch Series Dirty Lines. The series is set in 1980s Amsterdam and it centers around a family which started the first-ever phone sex line. Being in the business of sexual desires led the family to question their own and, consequently, liberate themselves from pre-existing prejudices and taboos.

The series is loosely based on the book 06-Cowboys by Fred Saueressig and it will cover those final years of the Cold War in which people got a sense of hope and a desire to live life to its fullest. Amsterdam, as the place of celebration of life, freedom and cultural revolution encouraged radical changes which formed a new, more open-minded generation.


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Sexual liberation was also a huge part of this cultural uprising, furtherly promoted by a new love drug- XTC. No wonder the erotic phone lines were invented exactly at this period, offering people a new, original way to experience sex and celebrate the exciting era they are living in. The invention, did, in a way, affect the moral of both the consumerists and the developers of the idea, a consequence the series will also explore.

The show stars Joy Delima, Minne Koole, Chris Peters, Charlie Chan Dagelet, Abbey Hoes, and Benja Bruijning. The cast also includes Julia Akkermans, Yari van der Linden, Joes Brauers, André Dongelmans, Ayla Çekin Satijn, Laura Bakker, Pip Lieke Lucas, Casper Nusselder, Manoushka Zeegelaar Breeveld en Eric van Sauers.

The series consists of 6 episodes and it releases on April 8 on Netflix. You can watch the new trailer and read the official logline for Dirty Lines below:

“In 1987s Amsterdam, at a time when Dutch society was changing rapidly. Psychology student Marly Salomon takes on a side job working for a brand new firm: Teledutch a company started by two brothers, Frank and Ramon Stigter, who established Europe’s first erotic telephone lines. Frank and Ramon become rich overnight and Marly finds herself immersed in this wild and rapid transformation.”

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