Netflix’s Kaleidoscope: The Best Order to Watch the Show

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The newest heist series to make its way to Netflix is Kaleidoscope, which is unique in its own way due to the fact that it allows you to watch the episodes and understand the events without necessarily following the chronological sequence of events. In that regard, it sure is one of the most intriguing shows that fans would want to enjoy when they want to watch something that’s original in its own sense.

Of course, while the originality of Kaleidoscope lies in its unique format, the fact is that not all fans would be able to instantly understand or appreciate the events of the series due to the jumbled style that comes with a random episode sequence. So, with that said, let’s look at the best order to watch Kaleidoscope so that you would understand it better.

Violet: 24 Years Before The Heist

Violet is the very first episode in terms of the chronological order of events of Kaleidoscope. It takes us nearly 25 years into the past when Leo Pap was still known as Ray Vernon and was working together with a man named Graham Davies, who eventually became Roger Salas. Together, they worked on cracking safes in the houses of rich people. However, Ray decided that he wanted to get out of that kind of life.


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Things changed, however, when his wife’s racist boss decided to fire her. In that regard, Ray wanted to exact revenge on the country club his wife used to work for by stealing jewels from them. He and Graham worked together on what was supposed to be their final heist. However, things went wrong, and that was when Graham set fire to the country club to cover their tracks.

But the problem was that Ray didn’t know that his wife’s bosses had called her back for work. She got caught in the fire that Ray and Graham started when they wanted to steal from the country club. In that regard, Ray’s wife died, all while Graham was able to get away with it and changed his name to Roger Salas. This was the event that got Ray incarcerated and made him angry at his former partner.

Green: Seven Years Before The Heist

The events of Green take place when Ray Vernon, now Leo Pap, decides to break out of prison. That was also when he met Stan, who he eventually became good friends with. Green also allowed us to see that Leo was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and didn’t have too long to live due to the terminal effects of this illness.

Leo got out of prison thanks to a clever strategy that he and Stan started. When he got out of prison, he decided to meet his daughter, Hannah, who he realized had been working for Graham Davies, who was now Roger Salas. That was when he decided to take down Roger and come up with a heist that would allow him to exact revenge and get the money he needed to start over.

Yellow: Six Weeks Before The Heist

Happening six weeks before the heist, Yellow focuses more on the introduction of the rest of the crew and the relationships they have with one another. Of course, this episode also allows us to understand the specialties and personalities of the different crew members and how they would possibly affect the actual heist.

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In this episode, we get to see that Hannah was now following a good career under Roger Salas. Meanwhile, the members of the crew plan how they want to go about the heist and how the vault is protected.


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Orange: Three Weeks Before The Heist

At the point of the Orange episode, which takes place three weeks before the heist, it is better to follow the sequence of events in terms of their chronological order due to the fact that it makes things easier to understand. That is why you should follow our recommended order of events due to the fact that it minimizes confusion.

In Orange, we get to see more info about Nazan, who is the FBI agent that wants to take down the crew members due to how she sees a possible connection between the different characters involved in the heist that they were about to pull off. Of course, Orange also allows us to see the personal struggles and demons of the FBI agent and the reasons why she wants to bring the crew down.

Blue: Five Days Before The Heist

Blue takes place just five days before the heist, as we get to see Hannah working with Roger. Of course, we learned in Yellow that Hannah had been a mole under Roger Salas since her father broke out of prison, and it is now important for her to cover her tracks after she got information about the vault and the security behind it. In that regard, this led her to frame her co-worker back in Yellow.

In Blue, we see that the entire crew now wants to use Hurricane Sandy as a cover to pull off the heist effectively. Meanwhile, we also saw that Hannah’s co-worker Andrew was killed after he tried to blackmail Roger using the information he has about him being Graham Davies. Other than that, the episode simply allows us to prepare for the heist that was to come.

White: The Day Of The Heist

The events of White take place during the heist itself, as this is usually the episode that fans of Kaleidoscope see as the “final episode” despite the fact that it should be watched before Red and Pink. In this episode, the entire heist seemingly went smoothly but suddenly fell apart, and that was what led Bob to convince Judy to ditch the entire crew while taking the $7 billion they stole from the vault.


However, RJ, who was tasked with driving the getaway vehicle, sensed that Bob and Judy were about to ditch the entire crew. He shot Bob and was about to finish him off before Judy shot RJ. Stan saw them hiding RJ’s body, and that was when he became Bob’s target. Meanwhile, Judy strangled Bob with a crowbar as she seemingly killed him. The rest of the crew escaped the events of the heist. 

Red: The Morning After The Heist

In Red, the crew talked about the things that happened in the heist the morning after it. Leo, Ava, Stan, and Judy are now in the safe house and were discussing who was responsible for betraying who. They also realize that Stan’s glasses were left at the crime scene, and this was what led Roger’s team to the real Stan Loomis, whose family was killed due to what the crew did.

Roger’s goons killed Stan’s wife and his mother. They were able to track the crew down to their safe house, only for the main goon to get killed in a shootout against Leo and the rest of the crew members.

Pink: Six Months After The Heist

Pink takes place six months after the events of the heist. A lot of people would recommend skipping this episode entirely because you can still enjoy the story of the heist without necessarily watching Pink. But Pink is important for you to watch at the end of the entire series because of how it wraps up the stories of the characters. And let us be the first to tell you that this is a pretty depressing episode, especially if you were fond of the characters of Kaleidoscope.


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In Pink, Bob was shown to have survived the events of the heist and was now out for revenge. He was given a sum of $20,000 by the incarcerated Roger Salas to kill Leo and the others. And that was when he found out where Leo had been hiding the entire time, as he went to Ohio, where Leo and Ava were hiding.

Bob found Leo, as he learned from him that Stan and Judy were hiding in South Carolina. However, Nazan Abassi also tracked Stan and Judy in South Carolina and prepared to stage a raid. Bob was killed by the FBI agents in that trap, as Judy left Stan behind in South Carolina to escape on her own.

Back in Ohio, Ava got killed in an attempt to escape the goons that helped Bob in his revenge quest. Bob was able to survive the events. Meanwhile, Nazan was approached by a stranger in the final moments and the episodes and was seen dead within minutes as she was killed by the Triplets, who wanted her dead due to how she was able to trace the case back to them.

Meanwhile, Leo was seen already weak due to his disease, as he was walking in the park right after he had a call with Hannah. A man followed him in the park and shot him from behind. This means that Leo also died at the end of Pink.

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