New Fantastic Four Movie Casting Leaks

New Fantastic Four Movie Casting Leaks

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Now that Marvel Studios has acquired the rights to numerous additional Marvel characters after the Disney-Fox merger, the Fantastic Four – one of Marvel’s most famous groups – is not far away from their MCU debut. Informally, the Fantastic Four have already appeared in the MCU via Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where John Krasinski played Mr. Fantastic, mentioning the rest of his family. Now, this was an alternative universe, but it was a nice way to hit at the Fantastic Four’s MCU premiere.

Now, while we still don’t know anything about the upcoming Fantastic Four MCU movie, save for numerous rumors and the fact that it is going to get made, some leaks have surfaced online related to the upcoming movie. Now, these leaks do hint at an official announcement during D23, but that’s still some time away so do take the information we have for you with some reserve, at least, as 4chan is not always the most reliable of sources.


So, what could be in store for us in the new Fantastic Four movie? Well, first of all, the leaks confirm that Disney is looking for a younger batch of characters – in their 20s to 30s – which means that the movie is probably going to be yet another origin story; if that proves to be true, this movie will give us the third origin story for the Fantastic Four, which is not necessarily good. Sony’s Tom Holland Spider-Man series avoided that mistake, as well as Matt Reeves’ masterpiece, The Batman, so maybe Disney should follow in the footsteps of these successful outings.

Be that as it may, such a younger cast means that John Krasinski – the fan-favorite for the role of Reed Richards for the last… forever – won’t be returning for the movie, which is certainly going to disappoint fans. Now, with what the Multiverse of Madness established, this move wouldn’t make much sense, unless Marvel decide to explore the Fantastic Four lore for a longer time, which means that we would be seeing Krasinski later on, as an older version of Richards. But, as things stand now – no Krasinski in the reboot movie.

What about the other roles? We’ve also gotten word that How I Met Your Mother alumni Jason Segel would be making an appearance as The Thing in the upcoming She-Hulk series, which would make him the MCU’s thing as well, but that rumor seems to be false, according to the source from 4chan. The same goes for the rumor regarding Bryce Dallas Howard as the director of the movie.


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And while the casting has only just started, no offers have been made to any actors. The source also implies that Penn Badgley is an early fortrunner for the role of Reed Richards; as for some other names, the likes of Logan Lerman, Freddy Carter, Melissa Benoist, Callan McAuliffe, Natalia Dyer and Jharrel Jerome have also been mentioned. As for the villain, Simon Baker (The Mentalist) is mentioned as the favorite for an as-of-yet undisclosed role, although with all the rumors going around, we wouldn’t be surprised if Baker was cast as Doctor Doom.

This is all we have for you at this moment. As we have stated, these are just rumors and supposed leaks, no official information has been provided to any media outlets, which means that we are going to have to wait some more to see whether the information we have provided here is true or not. Some of these leaks seem more reliable than others, but we really cannot confirm anything at this moment. We only hope that Krasinski is still going to play a part in the MCU!

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