New ‘Sgt. Frog’ Anime Project in the Works, Promo Video Released

New 'Sgt. Frog' Anime Project in the Works, Promo Video Released

Sgt. Frog, also known in Japan as Keroro Gunso (lit. “Sargeant Keroro”), is a popular and long-running manga series by Mine Yoshizaki, which has been ongoing since 1999. This sci-fi comedy series involving cute frog-like aliens is one of the most popular children’s and teen series in Japan, as evidenced by the fact that numerous spin-offs and derivative works have been released, including but not limited to anime series, movies, and video games.

Now, while the manga is still ongoing, it has been a while since the last Sgt. Frog anime project appeared. The one we are talking about is the 23-episode Keroro anime series that aired in 2014, i.e., ten years ago, but it seems that Sgt. Frog is coming back soon!

Although the release date of this piece of news in Japan coincided with April Fool’s Day, the studio reassured us via Twitter (now X) that the announcement was not a joke and that a new Sgt. Frog anime project is indeed in the works. Here is the original Tweet:

The #本当 seen in the post implies that the announcement is true, as “本当” means that something is true. Alongside the Tweet, a 30-second PV video was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the anime. The video was created by Joji Furuta (Shaman King 2021 and Shaman King Flowers director), while BN Pictures produced it with assistance from Studio Bind. Here is the video for you:

As we have said, no additional details about the upcoming anime project have been revealed, but we are certain that more updates are to come in the upcoming weeks and months. The original Sgt. Frog anime premiered back in 2004 and it ran for an incredible 358 episodes, followed by numerous movies and the above-mentioned 2014 anime, the last in the series as of the time of writing. In case you’re not familiar with the story, here is an official synopsis for you:

After Sgt. Keroro blew his cover and lost his top-secret weapon, the frog-like alien has been cut off from the homeworld. To make matters worse, he’s lost communications with the rest of his platoon. Now he has taken cover in the Hinata family household, where in exchange for doing his share of the chores, he gets his own room from which to secretly devise new plans of world domination!

And this is all we have for you at the moment. We’re just hoping that this is not some elaborate April Fool’s Day joke, but it seems that it is not, so keep following us here on Anime Horizon for more updates on the series as they arrive

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