No, Boruto Will Not Get Kurama! Here’s Why!

No, Boruto Will Not Get Kurama! Here's Why!

Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Fox, was one of the principal characters from Naruto until its death in Boruto. Kurama defined Naruto’s story and is intrinsically tied to Naruto, and it impacted the show and the characters. Now, with Naruto losing his status of Jinchūriki, many characters wonder whether Boruto could succeed his father as the next Jinchūriki in the series. We can say outright that he will not and that Boruto will not get Kurama in the future. In this article, we are going to explain why that won’t happen in the series.

The process of acquiring a Tailed Beast is complex, and with Naruto freeing most of the Tailed Beasts and Kurama being dead, the chances of Boruto becoming Jinchūriki are slim to none. But, even if he were to become a Jinchūriki, Boruto would almost certainly not get Kurama since Kurama is dead, and there does not seem to be a mechanism through which Kurama could come back to life.

As you might have deduced, this article will focus on Kurama and Kurama’s relationship with Boruto in the context of him potentially becoming a Jinchūriki. You’re going to find out what exactly happened to Kurama and whether Boruto could, at one point, become a new Jinchūriki. You’ll also find out how Kurama’s death influences this fact. Some spoilers might be present, so be careful how you approach certain parts of the article.

Could Boruto become Kurama’s Jinchūriki?

Many fans started to speculate if Boruto would take over the role once Naruto lost his rank as a Jinchūriki, but most likely, he won’t. In particular, it is well known that during the Fourth Shinobi World War, Naruto set free every Tailed Beast. It is also well known that, with the noteworthy exceptions of Kurama and Killer B’s Biju, the Tailed Beasts don’t genuinely enjoy being bound to a Jinchūriki. Although it is clear that Boruto possesses the necessary abilities to become a Jinchūriki, the likelihood of this happening now that Kurama is entirely dead and the other Beasts have been set free is next to nothing.

It wouldn’t really make sense for the Biju to just change their views, and because Kurama is gone, bringing him back would require something entirely new, Masashi Kishimoto would have to come up with something brand-new for this to make any sense at all. Furthermore, a Deus ex machina solution doesn’t seem feasible, given the narrative evolution of Boruto‘s story.

Why will Boruto never get Kurama?

Okay, you have now discovered the big secret – yes, Kurama is dead. And no, there doesn’t seem to be a way for Kurama to return, which ultimately means that Boruto’s chances of getting Kurama are basically impossible. Let us go over these events first. The story begins after Isshiki, in Jigen’s body, travels to Naruto’s home via his link to Kawaki’s Kama with the goal of rescuing him. Instead, he rapidly overwhelmed the Hokage and imprisoned him with black bars. When Kurama reprimanded him for degrading the rank of Hokage, Naruto retaliated by launching Kurama Mode and Six Paths Sage Mode to liberate himself and face the foe.


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Later, Isshiki tried to leave Naruto stuck in another realm by sending him there, but Sasuke arrived and prevented him. Naruto manifested Kurama, who used his tail to attack as the fight continued. But despite their best attempts, Naruto and Sasuke were overwhelmed and conquered. The black bars restrained them, and Naruto was forcibly removed by an Isshiki who had unleashed his power with Kama. With the help of Shadow Clones, Naruto was able to divert Isshiki from his plan to kill Sasuke long enough for him to flee with the Rinnegan. Isshiki was made fun of by Naruto for what had occurred. Isshiki never wanted to kill Kurama, so he shouldn’t offer him a pretext for doing so, Kurama commanded.

Isshiki thanked Kurama for his words, then sealed them within a huge casket. Eventually, Team 7 and Kawaki went to that world in an effort to use the combined power of Boruto and Kawaki’s Kama to save Naruto. After an uncontrollable battle with Boro, Boruto, and Kawaki utilized their Kama to open a portal in the seal and free an unconscious Naruto.

Momoshiki absorbed Naruto’s chakra when he took over Boruto’s body. After losing against Boro, the group headed back to Konoha with Naruto. Naruto quickly recovered after being sent to the hospital for treatment. The Ōtsutsuki was clearly superior during the battle between the revived Isshiki and Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto; Kurama saw that the Ōtsutsuki was able to block Naruto’s sensory skills through the cubes he emitted.

After seeing Naruto’s determination to stop him, even if it meant losing his life, Kurama advocated using a last-ditch effort that would risk his life. Kurama compared it to nuclear fusion and explained how it used both of their chakras to create a new kind of energy, warning him not to make unnecessary movements or move based on meaningless notions as that would be the key to keeping Baryon Mode functioning.

In addition, Kurama told him that because all chakra were connected, operating in this state would also reduce Isshiki’s life expectancy. Before killing Isshiki, Naruto was told to keep attacking him until he had consumed all of his life. After having it placed in front of Isshiki and declaring that he was ready to die the moment he decided to become Hokage, Naruto agreed to use it.

Then Kurama activated Baryon Mode for Naruto. With this new technique, Naruto forced Isshiki to submit by dodging and parrying his attacks. The effects of Baryon Mode soon began to affect Naruto. Yet, he was able to substantially reduce Isshiki’s life span. Isshiki delivered a powerful hit to Naruto, and as a result, Baryon Mode was disabled.


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Once Isshiki passed away, Baryon Mode caused Naruto to lose consciousness. Kurama readied himself for his final conversation with Naruto, who told him that he had no regrets about killing his parents and was happy that he had always been by his side. Although Kurama reassured Naruto that his impending fainting was just a shock from losing the Tailed Beast chakra from within him, he demonstrated to him that the true cost of Baryon Mode was merely his life.

Kurama said that he never actually told Naruto the truth, just kept it from him since he knew that he would not risk his life in order to obtain power. Kurama warned Naruto to be careful because he would no longer be able to use his powers and told him to watch out for himself before disappearing. Kurama then appears to have passed away and disappears. And with that, Kurama’s journey in the franchise was over.

There is no known way through which Kurama could come back to life, which means that his death is – for now – permanent. As we have said, an out-of-the-blue solution doesn’t seem highly likely, but you can never know with manga authors. Be that as it may, Kurama’s death is the principal reason why Boruto won’t get Kurama, as we have said, and now you know the whole background story.

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