Noah Hawley’s ‘Alien’ Series Probably Won’t Premiere Until 2025

‘Alien’ Series

Fans eagerly anticipating the new Alien TV series from Noah Hawley will likely have to wait until 2025 for its premiere. Hawley, known for his work on Fargo, has been developing this eagerly awaited show for FX on Hulu. However, due to a series of setbacks, including the current SAG-AFTRA strike and earlier delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the production schedule has been significantly disrupted.

The series, initially set to begin shooting in 2022, faced its first major delay due to the pandemic. Finally, in July 2023, production commenced in Thailand. Despite these challenges, Hawley and his team managed to film most of the first hour of the series. Yet, the involvement of American actress Sydney Chandler, a key cast member and SAG-AFTRA affiliate, has been hampered by the ongoing actors’ strike.


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Hawley’s series is set to be an eight-episode season. It promises to immerse viewers in the chilling and suspenseful universe first introduced by Ridley Scott over four decades ago. The cast includes not just Chandler, but also Essie Davis, known from The Babadook, and Alex Lawther from The End of the Fcking World*, playing a soldier named CJ. Samuel Blenkin and Adarsh Gourav are also part of this ensemble, adding to the series’ diverse character range.

Despite the delays, Hawley remains optimistic. He expressed his excitement about the project, emphasizing the thrill of working within the world created by the original Alien filmmakers. Although the series doesn’t take place on the iconic “USCSS Nostromo,” Hawley hints that the sets are heavily inspired by its design, creating a familiar yet fresh atmosphere for fans.

Adding to the anticipation is the upcoming Alien film, Alien: Romulus, directed by Fede Álvarez, set for a 2024 release. This near-simultaneous release of both the series and the film will test the audience’s appetite for the Alien universe.

According to TheWrap, with the industry hoping for a swift resolution to the actors’ strike, Hawley plans to resume production in early 2023. If everything goes as planned, fans can expect the series to air in the first half of 2025, offering a fresh take on the beloved sci-fi horror franchise.

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