Not Just Season 2, a Third Season of ‘Shōgun’ Is Reportedly in the Works at FX!

Not Just Season 2, a Third Season of 'Shōgun' Is Reportedly in the Works at FX!

Based on the eponymous 1975 novel by James Clavell, FX’s and Hulu’s Shōgun became an absolute hit. Everyone knows that the series ended recently and that initial reports told that the series would not be renewed because they did not have a good story at the time, but we have recently reported that a second season was, indeed, in the works at FX, which made a lot of fans happy. But, we have even more good news for you at this point, as not only is a second season in the works, but according to the information provided by The Hollywood Reporter, a third season of Shōgun is also in the works at FX!

As you might know, the series wasn’t the first adaptation of Clavell’s novel, but the Shōgun series fully surpassed the 1980 series and became a critical and commercial success, both in the West and in Japan. The series was initially marketed as a 10-episode mini-series (i.e., a limited series), but after the show’s success, many fans demanded a second season of the series, which made sense since Shōgun is indeed one of the best series we’ve seen in recent years and is a hot contender for the Emmys.

As we have said, it was initially said that the series would probably not be getting a second season, as the first season adapted the whole book, which meant that there was no material to work on. This did not completely exclude the possibility of a second season, but it seemed unlikely. Back in February, FX CEO John Landgraf said the following about the series’ future:

“It depends on how successful it is and whether there’s an appetite for it. Ultimately, the audience gets to decide whether it’s something they want. I would hope if we were able do something like that it wouldn’t take 11 years. So no, I can’t imagine spending another 11 years working on something else but working hard on something to get it right and make it big and detailed as well as really deep in terms of character and the human condition, as long as there’s appetite for that in the viewers, I think it’ll be possible at times to do that kind of work.”

Source: The Hollwyood Reporter

But, the demand was there and we were informed last month that the series’ star, Hiroyuki Sanada, had signed a contract to return to the series if a second season was made. Not long after that, it was confirmed that FX was working on a second season and we now have confirmation that a third season is also in the works, which is absolutely great!

This is all that we have at this moment, but be sure to keep following us, as we are going to bring you all the news and updates as soon as they arrive!

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