Notre-Dame Filming Locations Revealed: Where Is Netflix’s Show Filmed?

Notre-Dame is an upcoming limited TV series that will be aired on Netflix on the 19th of October. The show revolved around the disastrous Notre Dame Cathedral fire in April 2019 and its citizens. The Parisians are at the forefront of the show, and the Notre Dame Cathedral fire serves as a setting and a background for the citizens and their everyday struggles. Since the real Notre Dame Cathedral is currently under renovation, the film crew had to find special locations to film the limited series. In this article, we will discuss the filming locations of the Notre-Dame show.

The French press confirmed that the Notre-Dame limited TV series was partly filmed in the city of Bourges, which is located in central France, and its Roman Catholic Cathedral is used for the Notre Dame fire scenes. Some of the scenes were also filmed on the River Seine and in other locations in Paris.

We will discuss the locations and settings of Netflix’s Notre-Dame limited TV series and mention the summer tours that were organized by Netflix earlier this year. If you are interested, stay with us until the end of the article.

Notre-Dame filming locations

Film locations are always an interesting part of films and TV series. The fantasy and science fiction genres always had interesting places to film their projects since most of the content is fictional. The possibilities are enormous, but when it comes to docuseries like Netflix’s Notre-Dame, one always thinks the locations for those series are easily found.

Of course, the Notre-Dame series is a no-brainer, and most people think the showrunners would film the series in Paris, near Notre Dame Cathedral, but that was not mostly the case.

The Big Parisian fire, more specifically, the notable Notre Dame Cathedral, caught on fire and was heavily damaged – with cultural statues and goods from centuries ago being destroyed. The French heritage was in danger of being erased, and some of it did get lost in the notorious fire.

Notre-Dame Filming Locations Revealed: Where Is Netflix's Show Filmed?

However, firefighters managed to save some of the cultural heritage. The Cathedral suffered a lot of damage, and in the upcoming months, the Notre Dame cathedral will soon “shine in full light.”

The Netflix series Notre-Dame will use the Notre Dame fire as a background and setting for the Parisians, who are dealing with their own problematic lives, and the fire adds more to the stress. The series will be released on the 19th of October on Netflix platforms worldwide.

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The Notre-Dame TV series was filmed in a few known locations – the city of Bourges and the iconic riverbanks along the River Seine in Paris.

The city of Bourges is located in the center of France in the region of Centre-Val de Loire and has around sixty thousand citizens.

The city is “speckled” with beautiful cultural buildings like the Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral of Bourges, which was conveniently built around the same time as the notable Parisian Notre Dame and Chartres Cathedrals, museums, and beautiful bridges over the river junction of Rivers Auron and Yèvre.

Notre-Dame Filming Locations Revealed: Where Is Netflix's Show Filmed?

The Bourges Cathedral was a great location for reenacting the Notre Dame fire since it shares similar designs to the notable Parisian Cathedrals.

The trailer shows the real news anchors of the Notre Dame fire and the Paris environment, mostly filmed around the Bourges Cathedral and near the River Seine. The city of Bourges seems like a great place for filming since it is not overcrowded with people, and the film crew can easily recreate the scenes of the 15th of April 2019 without any distractions.

The River Seine scenes are harder to recreate if not filmed exactly there, and the Notre-Dame series obviously filmed some of the scenes there. The city of Bourges was a place for filming similar content a few months earlier, more specifically, for the movie Notre Dame on Fire, and the Netflix series thought the small city was a perfect choice as well.

Netflix French summer tour of the filming locations

Netflix has a lot of French series and content on its platform, and of course, the company decided to profit a bit more from its French projects.

The TV series Emily in Paris, Lupin, and Notre-Dame are a few of the many projects used as a reason for fans to use Netflix’s summer tour offer and visit the filming locations of the TV series. Besides Paris, there are other European cities involved – London and Madrid.

Notre-Dame Filming Locations Revealed: Where Is Netflix's Show Filmed?
Netflix summer tours were available in July 2022, where the fans could visit the filming locations of the French TV series, including the Notre-Dame TV series.

The Netflix tour of Paris includes the usual Emily in Paris and Lupin film locations like Place de l’Estrapade, and Luxembourg Gardens, with the Pont Saint-Michel to Île de la Cité, a bridge over River Seine looking on the Notre Dame Cathedral. The guide would tell you everything about the Notre-Dame TV series and continue walking along the Parisian streets.

The streaming platform organized the Netflix summer tour in the July of 2022, and the fans had a chance to explore the places they saw or will see in the French TV series. We can now wait for the 19th and see what the TV series will bring us. If you hadn’t checked out the trailer for the Notre-Dame TV series, check out the video below.

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