Odd Taxi Nominated for Multiple Anime Awards: Director Expresses Gratitude

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Odd Taxi premiered in spring 2021, becoming one of the most popular humorous mysteries in the world of anime shows. Odd Taxi is expecting a feature film in April 2022, and while the fandom is waiting for yet another Odd Taxi treat, the anime series has been added to numerous anime awards categories as a fans’ choice. The director of the popular series, Baku Kinoshita, shared his comments in English to express gratitude.

The anime series is following the story of Odokawa, a 41-year-old taxi driver who is drawn into many stories of people he is driving around Tokyo, and that he doesn’t want anything to do with. Through the stories of his clients, Odokawa, a middle-aged walrus, finds himself in the eye of a great mystery involving Yakuza and the police who are on his tale due to a series of events.  


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Odd Taxi is nominated in multiple categories for Crunchyroll Anime Awards and fans can soon start voting for their favorite shows across multiple categories. Odd Taxi nomination includes Anime of the Year as well, and the voting polls will be open on January 26th when the fandom can start voting. Baku Kinoshita shared his comments in English with a series visual, reminding the fans that Odd Taxi should get English dub in February. The director also reminded the fandom that the movie is coming out in April 2022.

The movie is titled Odd Taxi: In the Woods and will be first premiered in Japan in only a couple of months. Baku Kinoshita thanked the international fandom and invited them to vote of Odd Taxi. In case you still haven’t watched Odd Taxi, stylized as ODDTAXI, you can watch the first season of the popular anime on Crunchyroll.