ODDTAXI interview – Kimura Ryohei

ODDTAXI interview - Kimura Ryohei

We have an interview with Kimura Ryohei, the star of this year’s new anime called ODDTAXI.

Ryōhei Kimura (木村 良平, Kimura Ryōhei, born July 30, 1984) is a Japanese actor and singer.

His roles included Ryouta Kise in the Kuroko no Basket series, Bokuto Koutarou in Haikyū!!, Eichi Sakurai in Full Moon o Sagashite, Tartaglia in Genshin Impact, Chihiro Furuya in Sankarea, Roche in Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ series, Hinata from Angel Beats!, Akira Takizawa in Eden of the East, Shouma Takakura in Mawaru Penguindrum, Kodaka Hasegawa in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Touji Ato in Tokyo Ravens, Kaito Yashio in Robotics;Notes and Gо̄riki in Oddtaxi.

He won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 6th Seiyu Awards. He is affiliated with Himawari Theatre Group.

Odd Taxi, stylized as ODDTAXI (Japanese: オッドタクシー, Hepburn: Oddo Takushī), is a Japanese anime television series produced by OLM and P.I.C.S. The series aired on TV Tokyo and AT-X in Japan from April 6 to June 29, 2021.

Check out the whole interview with Kimura Ryohei below.

1. Is there anything you paid special attention to while acting this role?

I thought there must be some reason I was offered the role of Goriki, so rather than putting on an elaborate performance, I preserved my own personal acting style and personality.

2. Goriki is a character with a strong presence. What did you do to prepare for the role of Goriki?

Same as above.

3. What do you believe is Goriki’s charm?

He’s an intelligent and magnanimous man who cares deeply for his friends. He feels very human in both good and bad ways, which I actually find charming.

4. Do you share anything in common with Goriki?

I may not be at his level, but I do my best to take care of my friends.

5. Goriki and Odokawa have an interesting relationship. How did you feel about their relationship?

While it feels like a friendship between adults, there’s also something about their relationship that resembles a friendship between grade school kids. It feels very much like a friendship between two men.

6. What do you hope will happen to Goriki in the future?

I’m sure he’ll carefully consider his options and attempt to live wisely, but considering who he knows, ultimately he’ll probably be swayed by them.

7. What do you believe is the charm of ODDTAXI?

It’s a high-quality suspenseful drama hidden behind unconventional character designs and casting choices. There’s a lot of clever comedy mixed in, too.

8. Do you enjoy mysteries like ODDTAXI? Do you have a favorite genre?

I like everything, but mystery and horror are my go-tos.

9. Do you have any memorable anecdotes from the recording?

I happened to be at the studio on a day they were recording but I didn’t have any lines, so I got to be part of the crowd.

13. How was working on ODDTAXI different from working on other series (not limited to recording)?

Since it’s not only an original story, but also one with strong mystery elements, each week I was excited to read the script.

14. Has social distancing affected your work as a voice actor?

There are ways in which the recording environment is different from before, but thanks to the efforts of the production staff and everyone else, we’ve been able to produce series just as we always have.

15. You have over 20 years of experience as a voice actor. How did you become a voice actor?

I was part of an acting company. While working all kinds of jobs, I came across voice acting.

16. What do you like about voice acting as a profession?

As part of producing a series, voice actors portray a character through only their acting, without their own appearance ever being highlighted. I’m able to put on performances that would be difficult to pull off in live-action and play characters that look vastly different from myself.

17. Of the characters you have played, which ones do you believe influenced you?

All of them.

18. Do you have any advice for people currently trying to become voice actors?

As an actor, I believe exposing myself to and enjoying many series has been incredibly powerful. I’m sure you’ll find it worthwhile, too.

19. What has it been like working with Director Kinoshita?

I was delighted to have the opportunity to create a great series with him. Once the circumstances allow it, I’d like to go out to eat and have a nice long chat with him.

20. What do you do while you’re riding in taxis?

I think about what’s for dinner (laugh).

21. Do you have an anecdote or story that happened to you during a taxi trip?

I’ve received a 10 yen discount, been told the history of every building we came across by a driver who was like a walking encyclopedia of the local area, and received a business card from a driver enjoying life in Thailand after making money driving taxis in Japan.

22. Are you familiar with Argentina and the Japanese Garden in Buenos Aires?

I wasn’t, so I looked it up. I was surprised by its tremendous beauty. If I ever go to Bueno Aires, I’d like to visit the garden. Invite me sometime!!

23. Do you have a message for your fans in South America?

South America is a very large area, but it’s a profoundly memorable place for me. The time I spent traveling in South America was rich and fulfilling, and there are still plenty more places I’d like to visit. I hope I get the chance to do so! Everyone living there, thank you for watching and enjoying the series we produce. I hope we keep hearing from you!

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