Jason Momoa’s Documentary ‘On the Roam’ Unveils Its Exciting Trailer & Release Date

On The Roam

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Get ready for a fresh and thrilling ride with Jason Momoa in his new documentary series, ‘On The Roam.’ Starting January 18, you can catch this series on Max. It’s a journey packed with eight episodes, where Momoa takes us across the country. The fun begins with two episodes on the launch date and continues with two episodes released weekly. Mark your calendars for the season finale on February 8.


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‘On The Roam’ is a unique blend of art, adventure, and friendship, all seen through the eyes of craftsmanship. Imagine traveling with Jason Momoa, exploring different places, and meeting fascinating people. That’s what this series is all about. Momoa isn’t just the star; he’s the creative force behind this project. Along with Brian Mendoza, who co-directs and serves as an executive producer, they bring this vision to life.

You’ll also see the work of Kyle Wheeler as an executive producer and Jason Mendoza in a producer role. Paris Herbert-Taylor adds her expertise as a co-executive producer. This team is all about making ‘On The Roam’ a memorable and engaging series. It’s not just another documentary; it’s a personal journey with Momoa at the helm.

So, what can you expect? Real, unfiltered experiences. This isn’t a scripted drama; it’s Momoa being himself, diving into his passions and sharing them with us. It’s about connecting with people, learning new skills, and embracing the spirit of adventure. You won’t find heavy, technical jargon here. It’s all about the experience, the emotion, and the excitement of discovery.

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