One Piece Anime Series is Returning to Toonami in January

Adult’s Swim Toonami announced via their official Facebook account that the ever-popular One Piece anime, popularly referred to as one of the Shonen Big Three in the west, will be returning to Toonami block. One Piece will air on Toonami on Saturday, January 22nd, while the fans will have a chance to watch a block of One Piece episodes. One Piece has already gone past episode 1,000, which was a significant milestone for the series.

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Toonami will be airing episodes 517 and 518 on January 22nd, along with more episodes of other anime series. If you are interested in Toonami block program for Saturday, check out the entire lineup:

12:00AM – Blade Runner: Black Lotus

12:30AM – Assassination Classroom

1:00AM – Made in Abyss

1:30AM – One Piece

2:00AM – One Piece

2:30AM – Naruto Shippūden

3:00AM – Naruto Shippūden

3:30AM – Cowboy Bebop

Toonami started airing One Piece anime series in 2013, when it started out with episode 207. Adult Swim’s Toonami premiere of One Piece at the time had nearly one million viewers. Toonami seized airing One Piece in March 2017, with episode 384. Toonami had an original block on Cartoon Network back 2005. The anime adaptation of the show started in 1999 with its 1,000th episode debuting in November 2021.

Toonami also made an announcement that they will be airing a new show every week, also adding that they will be sharing more details about the upcoming and announced shows.  

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