One Piece Creator Shares His Thoughts on the Return of Bleach

One Piece, Naruto and Bleach are some of the most popular Shonen manga and anime series ever since the official publication of all three major names. These manga series were only a great start to even greater franchises that were long known as The Big Three and The Holy Shonen Trilogy. Naruto transgressed to Boruto with a lot of new characters from newer generations “replacing” the old ones, One Piece is still airing with new manga chapters coming out regularly, and Bleach was ended prematurely.

The Bleach fandom wasn’t happy about having the manga series and anime ending in an unsatisfactory way and prematurely, so naturally, the fans were thrilled to learn that Bleach is coming back with a big bang. The fans weren’t the only ones to show their appreciation as One Piece creator also shared his happiness about seeing Bleach coming back to life with a Thousand Year Blood War arc.

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The creator and mangaka of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, talked on the radio about Tito Kubo, the creator of One Piece, also commenting on the return of Bleach:

I remember Kubo’s debut manga since we are around the same age. I felt, “Wow, this new mangaka has good drawing skills. His idea is good as well. His drawings eloquently tell us he is a pretty confident guy.” Now that he mentioned me that way, I announce here with 100% confidence that someone like Kubo is a competitive super-hard worker. I’m sure you are feeling embarrassed now, Tite Kubo. Lol.

It is good to hear that rivalry can be set aside to honor the arrival of quality content, while the fandom is most certainly expecting the new Bleach with excitement.

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