One Piece: Here’s Why the Five Elders Are Hiding the Truth about Luffy!

One Piece: Here's Why the Five Elders are Hiding the Truth About Luffy!

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece series is known for introducing us to various amazing characters. The Five Elders are a group of five old men loyal to the World Government and its enigmatic ruler; on the outside, they are the World Government, but they keep the truth hidden from the world, which is what they often do, as keeping secrets is their thing. They are careful observers of everything happening in the world, and recently, they had to react to Kaido and Big Mom being defeated in Wano. Knowing Luffy’s influence and involvement, they wanted to hide the truth about what happened in Wano but failed to. Why? Keep reading to find out.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Five Elders carefully observed the happenings in Wano, and then they found out about the defeats of Kaido and Big Mom, and they became worried about the consequences.
  • Although they couldn’t hide the fact about their defeat from the public, they wanted to limit Luffy’s role in it, trying to hide the “D.” from his name and the fact that he is the new Nika.
  • This was because they feared Luffy’s influence, as they were afraid that the young pirate could instigate a worldwide rebellion against the World Government if word of his feats reached the public.

After the downfall of Kaido and Big Mom, the Five Elders wanted to hide the truth

While Luffy is fighting, the Five Elders are discussing the situation in Wano, underlining that by that moment, Nico Robin will have already been captured and the possibility that someone will die given the involvement of Kaido and Big Mom; finally they talk about a certain Devil Fruit which is now a legend and no one has seen for centuries and to which the World Government has assigned a different name to erase it from history.

They then order CP0 to eliminate Straw Hat to prevent the consequences of his duel with Kaido. Having learned that the emperor eliminated the agent in charge, Warcury claims it was an error of judgment as they also provoked Kaido’s anger. Saturn points out that eliminating the biggest concerns takes precedence, while Nusjuro points out that the World Government had already had the Gomu Gomu no Mi, but it failed to reach them.

Mars comments that it is as if the fruit was running away from them, and Ju Peter claims that Zoan Fruits have their own will and, furthermore, the one in question has the name of a deity: in fact, it is actually the mythical Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika.


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He claims that the latter had a rubber body and that he fought against all logic, in addition to the fact that he was considered “the warrior of liberation” who brought smiles to people’s faces. Furthermore, the awakening of the fruit gives the user even more flexibility and freedom of movement, so much so that it was said to be the most bizarre in the world.

The only surviving CP0 agent in Wano contacts the Five Elders and informs them of the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom. Having noted that Nika has appeared, Saturn states that the fall of two emperors is a fact that cannot be covered up and that the news will spread quickly, asking others how to act.

The CP0 agent confirms to them that Zunesha has left, so the five comments that the country’s borders will remain closed and that, given the situation, someone smart will have changed the plans, understanding that in that way, the World Government will not be able to conquer the nation with an army.

Ju Peter wonders if they will at least be able to capture Nico Robin, which the CP0 member is sure of, but interference disturbs the communication. When Luffy’s new wanted poster is published, the Five Elders are furious because, contrary to their orders, it still contains the D. in the name and has a photo that they did not authorize.

The Marine they are talking to claims that no such orders came and that Guernica took the photo; the five then order it to be reprinted because they cannot afford to let it circulate in its current state, and when the marine fails to contact the press, they demand that the publication be stopped at all costs.

The Five Elders fear Luffy, which is why they want to turn him into “just another pirate”

So, now we know what happened and how the Five Elders reacted to Luffy’s success in Wano Country, and while they failed to hide the truth from the world, thanks to “Big News” Morgans, the question as to why they wanted to do it still remains. Luffy is just one pirate, while the Five Elders have the whole World Government at their disposal, so why would they focus on one boy so much? The reason is – fear!

The Five Elders are afraid of Luffy because of what he represents and because he can become an extremely powerful symbol in the series. The “D.” in his name shows that he is a natural enemy of the World Nobles and, with them, the World Government, while the fact that he has now “become” Nika can be a fuel of hope for the people oppressed by the World Government.

If Luffy becomes a beacon of hope, then the Five Elders will have a problem, as Luffy – as Nika and someone who has the Will of D. – will certainly convince people that he can defeat the World Government, and it makes sense that the Five Elders wanted to keep that a secret from them. And that is why they tried to stop the press and the wanted posters, but it was – luckily – too late.

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