One Piece: Is Buchi Dead? What Happened to Him?

One Piece: Is Buchi Dead? What Happened to Him?

The sheer number of secondary characters in the One Piece series is so amazing that simply listing them all would constitute a gigantic article. But, in this article, we are going to talk about a character who appeared early on in the series, and had it not been for the recent live-action series, he would probably have been completely forgotten. The character in question is Buchi, a member of the Kuroneko Pirates, and in this article, we will tell you what happened to him in the series.

Buchi, along with his brother Sham, was a member of the Kuroneko Pirates, a chubby-looking boy with no real skills, but he did work well in combination with his brother, as the two of them were a solid duo when fighting together. Zoro eventually defeats him in Syrup Village, and although we know that he survived the events and is now alive, his whereabouts are unknown.

The rest of this article will focus on the character of Buchi and his ultimate fate in One Piece. Buchi is a secondary character but an interesting one, nevertheless. While a lot of the fans have forgotten him because he appeared early on in the story, there is renewed interest in him and his story, and that actually motivated us to write up this article, in which we will reveal everything that is known about his fate, which is revealed later in the manga. This article might contain a significant number of spoilers, so be careful while you’re reading.

Buchi, like his brother Sham, survived the events in Syrup Village, but his current whereabouts are unknown

Regarding secondary characters, the Kuroneko Pirates, save for their leader – Kuro – are a proper definition of just that. Still, they have proven themselves to be quite interesting, and with the live-action series once again renewing interest in the series’ earlier arcs, we have come to write about them again. The focus of this article is going to be Buchi, Sham’s brother, and we are now going to tell you his story.

Three years prior to the start of the story, the crew watched as the captain approached him in a lifeboat while it was being pursued by the third Naval ship in a week. When the attack started, it abruptly came to an end. When they were about to engage in combat, they discovered that the captain had already routed all of the marines. Sham boasted that Kuro was actually terrifying. Jango mesmerized Nugire Yainu into believing he was Kuro and the cause of what had transpired.

The only Marine still alive was then subjected to the same treatment, being led to believe that the enemy had been captured and would be put to death as soon as he returned to base. During this time, the Kuroneko Pirates landed in numerous villages and sank numerous ships, while the Nyaban brothers protected the Bezan Black, the crew’s ship.


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At first light, Buchi and the rest of the crew arrive at the island’s northern shore, but he and his brother stay behind aboard the Bezan Black. Sham informs him that a youngster has damaged the ship’s bowsprit. He is astounded by this and wonders why he did it. Sham informs Buchi of this when Jango requests their assistance, and Buchi wonders what the companions are doing and why they haven’t arrived in the village yet. The brother explains that all of their allies—aside from Jango—have been vanquished, and Buchi asks him if they ought to become involved.

Both of them jump and join the captain, who orders them to cross the climb ahead of them at all costs. However, other boys block them and threaten to kill them. Buchi acknowledges that the adversaries appear to be quite strong as Sham asks him for confirmation while feigning concern by asserting that they cannot complete the task.

Sham asserts that they are merely guards, and Buchi adds that they are clueless about what to do. But, Jango orders his brother to go immediately when he witnesses him attack and take two swords from an adversary. Afterward, he remarks on Sham’s quickness.

Zoro urges Buchi to step in as the latter climbs over his opponent’s back and blocks his arms. Buchi rushes over and leaps to land on Zoro, who manages to break free just in time. Sham apologizes and acknowledges that his opponent is stronger than anticipated as Buchi questions his brother about why he didn’t hold him better.

The two then start an assault while wearing their gloves. Up until Buchi kicks him, the opponent deflects their assaults with his sole surviving blade. The two brothers shot the adversary in the chest, who the adversary continued to defend.

They stop instantly and quake in terror when they see Kuro at the top of the slope. The latter calls them weaklings and says daylight has long since passed. He then becomes enraged and demands to know what they are doing. Sham and Buchi object to being described in that way, and after the former notes that they haven’t been sitting about for the past three years, he concurs, adding that they have taken over numerous villages and sunk numerous ships.

After shouting that Kuro is no longer their commander and that they are in good shape despite his three-year hiatus, he joins forces with his brother to launch an attack. However, the latter draws his weapons and escapes being struck, startling the two brothers by only asking them who they want to kill.

He then approaches them from behind and claims that they are correct in thinking he is rusty. He then says that although he is no longer their leader, he came up with that plan and that he will kill them if they don’t carry it out. He holds a blade to each of their necks throughout this time. Then, after claiming to have calmed down, he grants them five minutes to compose themselves and decide what they want to do.

As soon as he hears that it’s enough to kill Zoro to let them get over that climb, Buchi states that’s what he is about to do. He then attacks the swordsman with his brother, but Nami helps the opponent reclaim his other two swords, and he uses one of his techniques to strike them in the chest.

Due to his size, Buchi maintains consciousness and requests that Jango hypnotize him, which the latter performs. Jango instructs Kuro to deal with the swordsman while he deals with Luffy because Kuro asserts that they still have three minutes until they are killed. But just then, a young woman comes up to them and starts a lively discussion with Kuro, realizing that she is the target of their assassination because of Jango. Nevertheless, after being struck by Luffy, Kuro is struck in the face by three children who arrive out of nowhere.

After getting up and confirming that the lad has a devil fruit, he tells Jango to look after Kaya and the kids, but Zoro stands in his way. The hypnotist then calls for Buchi’s assistance, who leaps in and tries to crush the adversary with his foot. Although Zoro manages to dodge the strike, it causes damage to the cliff and the earth. The opponent resists Buchi’s attempts to lash him with his claws by using his swords and shoving a foot in his face, telling him that he has already lost to him and that he should not be bothered and pushing him away.


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He attacks Usopp by asking him where he thinks he is going when he sees him walking toward the forest to get to the girl’s car, but Zoro dissuades him by placing a sword to his throat and forcing him to fall to the ground. The swordsman then admits that he has had enough fun and that they need to move quickly. He also says that he won’t murder him but must maintain his composure.

When his adversary is diverted, Buchi uses the opportunity to force him against a rock. He then attempts to strike again, but Zoro stops him, reminds him of what he had just spoken, and eventually vanquishes him. He was later brought to the ship alive, but what happened to him later remains unknown.

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