One Piece: Is Sham Dead? What Happened to Him?

One Piece: Is Sham Dead? What Happened to Him?

There is a fair – to say the least – amount of secondary characters in One Piece, and there is absolutely no way that we could talk about all of them. But, due to the popularity of the live-action adaptation, some of those who appeared earlier in the series have once again come into the spotlight, and one of them is Sham, a member of the Kuroneko Pirates. Sham is male, even though the character was female in the live-action series, and in this article, you will find out what happened to him.

Sham is a member of the Kuroneko Pirates and the brother of Buchi. He and his brother make a formidable fighting duo, and while they are loyal to Kuro, they are immune to his insults and belittling. They helped him in Syrup Village but were eventually defeated by Roronoa Zoro. Sham survived this incident with Zoro, but their fate after the Syrup Village events is unknown. We just know that Sham is alive.

The rest of this article will focus on the character of Sham and his ultimate fate in One Piece. Sham is a secondary character but an interesting one, nevertheless. While a lot of the fans have forgotten him because he appeared early on in the story, there is renewed interest in him and his story, and that actually motivated us to write up this article, in which we will reveal everything that is known about his fate, which is revealed later in the manga. This article might contain a significant number of spoilers, so be careful while you’re reading.

Sham survived the events in Syrup Village, but we don’t know what happened to him later in the story

Okay, fans of the manga and the anime definitely know about Sham, but since recently, so have the fans of the live-action series. But, there is a major difference that we would like to resolve quickly here. Namely, we know that Sham is a Kuromeko (Black Cat) Pirates member led by Kuro.

In the original manga (and anime), he was a feminine man and the brother of Buchi. On the other hand, in the live-action series, he was changed to a female, and it wasn’t really established that the female Sham was Buchi’s sister. So, if you want to know the canon version, Sham is male, but the live-action series decided to change that up. Now that we have cleared this issue up for you allow us to tell you about Sham and his fate. (We are going to refer to him as male from this point on to respect the canon).

Three years before the story begins, after being chased by the third Navy ship in a week, the crew watched as the captain approached him in a lifeboat, which came under fire, only to see the attack stop. They then prepared to fight, but as they got closer, they saw that the captain had already defeated all the marines. Sham smugly argued that Kuro was truly scary.

Nugire Yainu was hypnotized by Jango, who convinced him that he was Kuro and responsible for what happened. He then did the same to the sole surviving Marine, making him believe that he had captured the enemy and that he would have him executed once he returned to base.


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After giving the command to Jango, Kuro had him dropped off on an island and told him to return after three years. During this time, the Kuroneko Pirates landed in numerous villages and sank numerous ships, while the Nyaban brothers protected the Bezan Black. Once the period agreed with Kuro had passed, the crew moored on the island where they had left him.

A week later, Jango disembarks and meets with Kuro, who then boards the ship to inform the crew that they will attack Syrup Village the following morning. The former captain then steps off the Bezan Black.

At dawn, Sham reaches the island’s northern beach with the rest of the crew but remains on board the Bezan Black with his brother. After a boy breaks the ship’s bowsprit, he later calls his brother’s attention. When Jango calls for their intervention, Sham points this out to Buchi, who wonders why they aren’t in the village yet and what they are doing. He then points out to his brother that all their companions, except Jango, have been defeated, so Buchi asks him if they should intervene.

They both jump and join the captain, who tells them that they must pass at all costs. Sham pretends to be worried by claiming that they can’t do it, asking his brother for confirmation, who admits that the enemies seem very strong. Sham claims they are just guards, and Buchi adds that they don’t know what to do. However, Jango yells at him to go immediately, and he does so.

He then runs at the enemies, stating that they will have to prepare and that he will scratch them with his nails. Zoro shouts at him that he will tear him to pieces if he doesn’t stop, so Sham smiles and tells him to try.

Suddenly, he increases his speed and attacks him with his gloves, but the opponent blocks the blow with one of his swords. Sham claims that he underestimated him. However, he admits that he was just pretending. In the meantime, he manages to steal two swords from the enemy and once again states that he is good but reiterates that he must not underestimate him.

When his opponent asks him to return his swords, Sham asks him if one isn’t enough for him and then throws away the two that he had stolen from him, claiming that they bother him and that he is lighter this way.

The swordsman runs towards him, telling him that he must treat other people’s swords well, cutting his abdomen. However, given his thinness, only his shirt is severed, and Sham emerges unscathed. He then asks the enemy what he cut, then climbs onto his back, and blocks his arms. He then incites Buchi to intervene. The latter runs towards him and takes a leap to fall on Zoro, who, however, manages to free himself from his grip in time. Sham then curses him, and Buchi asks why he didn’t hold it better, so he apologizes, admitting that the opponent is stronger than expected.

He prepares to resume the fight, telling Zoro that he will not escape him, and then goes on the attack together with his brother, using their gloves. The opponent repels their blows with his only remaining sword until Buchi kicks him. The two brothers then wound the enemy in the chest, who then resumed defending himself.

Immediately afterward, they stop when they see Kuro at the top of the slope and tremble with fear. The latter points out that dawn is long past now, becoming furious and asking what they are doing, calling them soft. Sham and Buchi do not accept being defined in that way, and he tells Kuro that he was certainly very strong, but for the last three years, he has rested in that village, while they have certainly not remained idle.

His brother agrees with him, revealing that they have sacked many villages and sunk many ships. Sham then shouts at Kuro that he cannot kill them because they did not follow his orders and goes on the attack together with his brother, claiming that if he tries to kill them, he will die first.

The latter, however, has his weapons and avoids being hit, frightening the two brothers by simply asking them who they want to kill, to which he then comes from behind, claiming that they are right in saying that he is rusty. He then holds a blade to each of their necks and explains that, although he is no longer their captain, he came up with that plan and that if they don’t carry it out, he will kill them.


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He then claims that he has become calmer and gives them five minutes to resolve the situation. Otherwise, he would have killed them all with his own hands. As soon as he is told that it is enough to kill Zoro to allow them to overcome that climb, Sham states that he only needs five seconds to cut him to pieces. He then attacks the swordsman together with his brother; however, the opponent regains possession of his other two swords thanks to Nami and hits them in the chest with one of his techniques. Sham is thus defeated. After Kuro’s plan fails, his companions bring Sham back aboard the ship, which then sets sail.

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