One Piece: What Is the Sorbet Kingdom & Where Is It Located?

One Piece: What Is the Sorbet Kingdom & Where Is It Located?

The locations we’ve seen in Oda’s One Piece are truly amazing, and the author has demonstrated a very intriguing skill in crafting his locations. And while some of them are, so to say, similar to some others, Oda was nevertheless able to consistently provide each of them with at least a small touch of originality. The Final Saga of the One Piece told us more about an important historical location that was closely tied to the character of Bartholomew Kuma – the Sorbet Kingdom. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about the Sorbet Kingdom and its importance for the One Piece lore.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Sorbet Kingdom is a nation in the South Blue in One Piece. It is a tropical island and a monarchy that was once free but is now affiliated with the World Government.
  • The Sorbet Kingdom was, at one point in the past, ruled over by the corrupt king Bekori, who was oppressive and against whom the Freedom Fighters fought.
  • Bekori was ousted by Kuma and the Freedom Fighters at one point, but later allied himself with the World Government to smear Kuma’s name and rule.

Sorbet is Kuma’s former kingdom

In this section, we are going to tell you about the history of the Sorbet Kingdom. In an unspecified period, Bulldog became the king. Kuma was born in the kingdom but was soon enslaved by the World Nobles along with his parents and deported to Mary Geoise. Thirty-six years before the beginning of the narrative, Bartholomew Kuma managed to escape and returned to the island together with Ginny and Emporio Ivankov. The latter soon after set sail.

Eight years later, Bekori became the new ruler and ordered all the inhabitants to pay the Heavenly Tribute, having anyone who was unable to do so arrested. He did not give the prisoners food and had anyone who fell ill killed. Kuma thus began to remove the pain from the people of the kingdom thanks to his powers. Twenty years before the beginning of the narrative, the royal guards captured some people in the south of the island to enslave them after the king had moved the borders of the kingdom to include only the rich northern part in order to reduce the celestial tribute due, calculated in based on the number of inhabitants. Kuma resisted, but was arrested; Ginny and her friends attempted to free him but instead ended up in the same cell as him.


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However, the Freedom Fighters arrived in the kingdom and overthrew the king. Ginny and Bartholomew Kuma were thus enlisted. The latter returned when he could to take care of the sick. Ten years before the beginning of the narrative, Ginny returned with her daughter, whom she left to the elderly before dying due to the disease she had contracted. Kuma returned to the kingdom and decided to take care of the newborn.

Six years later, Bekori returned to Sorbet where he burned the poor people of the southern part of the island along with their homes, many of whom were saved by Kuma. The inhabitants of the northern part did not like his methods and revolted, however some of them were killed to warn the others. However, Kuma then destroyed the royal castle, forcing Bekori to flee the island. The building was then rebuilt. Kuma then agreed to become king but left Bulldog to administer the kingdom.

Since the newspapers had portrayed him as a tyrannical usurper, Kuma left Sorbet to prevent him from being attacked, asking Bulldog to assume the role of king. Two years before the story began, Kuma returned for Bonney, taking her with him to be visited by Vegapunk. Six months later, he accompanied her back to the island, on which some members of CP8 also settled. Kuma then left Sorbet permanently. A year later, Bonney sailed from the island on a ship along with Gyogyo, Tots, and Potato in search of Kuma after discovering that the doctors and nurses following her were actually agents of the World Government who had the mission to keep her there for another six months.

It is located in the South Blue

As far as geography is concerned, we know that the Sorbet Kingdom is an island nation located somewhere in the South Blue. The exact coordinates, as well as the vicinity of other locations, are unknown at this point. The island was, at one point (due to political turmoil), divided into two sections – the south and the north – but this was not a natural, but rather a political division. The capital of the nation is Castle Town, while other major landmarks – both in the south – are the Church and Elderly Village.

Castle Town, the capital of the Sorbet Kingdom, is located in the northern part of the island if we are to follow the political division we have mentioned above. The buildings are very tall and have a shape that resembles icicles. This is where the seat of the actual ruler of the Sorbet Kingdom is located. Let us now go a bit south.


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In the southwestern part, there is a village inhabited mainly by poor elderly people, which is why it has been given the aforementioned name – Elderly Village. It is located very close to Kuma’s church. The Church is actually located in the southeastern part of the island, and near the church, there is also a cemetery. A year and a half before the beginning of the narrative, CP8 agents fenced them both off and built their quarters next to them, which was a horrible thing to do to such an important location. This concludes our overview of the Sorbet Kingdom; we hope we’ve helped you get a better understanding of this important location.

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