One Piece: What Is the Underground City?

One Piece: What Is the Underground City?

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One Piece is a series with a rich history, and the Wano Country Saga showed us a lot of that history, even though it is coming to its end. The history of Wano itself is incredibly rich and interesting, and the recent events involving Kozuki Sukiyaki showed us just how intriguing it is. The piece of history we are going to talk about here is related to the Road Poneglyph, and Kozuki Sukiyaki was the one who showed it to Robin and Law, which is how the large Underground City beneath Wano was actually discovered. What is it? How important is it? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Wano Country is an extremely important location and is one of the most important locations in the One Piece lore in general. Many important things happened there, and we have seen many important revelations.
  • When Robin was looking for the Road Poneglyph, she was taken underground by Sukiyaki, who showed her the Poneglyph, as well as the underground city it was located in.
  • It turns out that the underground city is the history of Wano Country; it is where it all began, about 800 years ago, but the country later expanded upwards to the surface.

The underground city was shown when Sukiyaki took Robin to the Poneglyph

In this section, we will tell you how the underground city was even revealed in the series.

When Robin reaches the castle’s basement and observes her collection of dolls, Hitetsu joins her, calling her name. Robin then asks him who he is since he thought he was a simple blacksmith; the man replies that that is just the hobby he does best and takes off his mask, revealing that he is Kozuki Sukiyaki, father of Oden and grandfather of Momonosuke and Hiyori. He then explains that when he escaped, Oden was dead, and the nation was different, which led him to consider committing seppuku.

Robin then mentions Pluton, which the Arabasta Poneglyph reports is in Wano, which Sukiyaki confirms. The latter then shows her a secret passage and goes down the stairs with her and Law. Sukiyaki tells them to pay attention to the steps of the ladder, whose existence was unknown even to Kaido and Orochi.

Robin asks for explanations, and the old man replies that they will understand soon, while Law asks how far down those stairs go, so Sukiyaki explains that they are almost there and that they lead to previous centuries of history.


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Seeing a glimmer of light, Robin asks for clarification, and the old man reveals that there is a block of glass at the end of the conduit and to look ahead, explaining that they are on the seabed.

The two notice many submerged ruins, and Sukiyaki explains that it is the Wano Country of eight hundred years before. However, he is unaware of the reason. He explains that it was partly preserved thanks to the fact that the water is not salty. Sukiyaki explains that Wano was much larger and was at the same level as the sea until very high rock walls were built around the island. Over time, rainwater accumulated until it overflowed, creating the current waterfalls on borders, and the country was rebuilt halfway up Mount Fuji.

The three reach the end of the staircase. Sukiyaki opens the door that leads to the room where the Road Poneglyph is located, and Robin comments that only one is missing to reveal the route to Laugh Tale. The former shogun reveals that Pluton is located deep beneath the platform they are on but that he has never seen it in person and can’t even show it to them as it requires breaking down the walls around the nation to do so, i.e., ” open the borders.”

Robin wonders why Oden wanted to do this, and Sukiyaki replies that he told them everything that was passed down to him, and he doesn’t know what his son learned during his journey.

The city is proof of Wano’s rich history

As you can see, the underground city is Wano Country from about 800 years ago. Due to various reasons, the country expanded upwards, and the original Wano was buried beneath the surface. Still, it managed to survive somehow, leaving behind a piece of history that is extremely valuable and very interesting. Wano Country was a truly magnificent place, and with this revelation, we have seen that it contains even more history than we initially thought it contained.

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