One Piece: Who Are the “Dragon King” & “O-Lin the Great Yōkai”?

One Piece: Who Are the "Dragon King" & "O-Lin the Great Yōkai"?

One Piece‘s epic Wano Country Saga has come to an end in the anime as well; the manga had moved on some time ago, and now the anime has also reached the point where Luffy and his crew members are going on a new adventure. But, before we move on, we wanted to wrap things up here and explain some things that happened in the final moments of the saga. One such moment is the legend of the “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai,” which was told to the people of Wano. But, who are the “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai”? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • After the fall of the two emperors and the liberation of Wano, the story of the Raid on Onigashima was told by a narrator to an audience composed of the people of Wano. The story is told of the fall of “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai.”
  • The identities of the two antagonists were quickly revealed. It became obvious that the “Dragon King” was Kaidou, and the name was a reference to his Devil Fruit.
  • Naturally, this means that “O-Lin the Great Yōkai” is actually Big Mom, and the nickname is a reference to her true name, Charlotte Linlin, and her appearance.

After the liberation of Wano, the Raid of Onigashima became a popular legend

Well, we all know what happened with Wano after the fall of the two emperors and their vassal, Orochi. Wano Country was finally liberated, and a large festival was organized in the Flower Capital to celebrate the success of the liberators, i.e., the Alliance, as the tyrannic rule of Kaido and his ally, Big Mom, was finally brought to an end. And while Aramaki’s brief attack threatened to spoil the celebration, he could not come near the Flower Capital.

At the same time, the festivities in the capital of Wano Country went on, and at one point, after everything finally settled down, it was time for a bit of storytelling. Wano has proven itself to be a country of myths and legends, so it did not come as a surprise that the saga actually ended with a storytelling episode that beautifully summarized the whole saga and the epic success of the Alliance against the oppressors of Wano.

So, what happened? Well, a narrator decided to tell the story of the Raid on Onigashima to the gathered people of Wano. It was a story full of thrills, ups, downs, and excitement, as the whole saga – one of the best in the whole series – was retold with a lot of heart. The principal antagonists of the saga were described in the story as the “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai,” and that was a great thing because a great storyteller definitely needs to know how to craft a captivating story, so these nicknames were definitely a plus.


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The narrator revealed that the captains and the Alliance were able to defeat the “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai” in Wano, which finally brought an end to the tyrannical rule that had plagued Wano Country for 20 years. Alongside the fall of the “Dragon King,” Onigashima also fell, and with it, the last symbol of the tyrannical rule that had plagued Wano was gone. Of course, the narrator did not present their audience with all the details; it wouldn’t have made sense if they did, but the gist of the story remained and that is how it all happened.

Also, the narrator told the story of Hiyori and Orochi, revealing that the vile vassal who “ruled” over Wano tried to kill Hiyori, but Denjiro finally brought him down. The storytelling portion of the saga ended with Hiyori and Toko playing some music while the happy audience applauded the success of their heroes and the liberation of Wano. And that is, more or less, the gist of the storytelling portion. We are now going to proceed with explaining who the story’s main antagonists were, as you will find out the identities of the “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai.”

The identities of the “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai” are well-known in the series

And now, we have reached the moment when the identities of the two antagonists from the final storytelling section are going to be revealed to you. In this section, you are going to find out who the “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai” are, although we assume that you’ve probably deduced – by now – who the “Dragon King” and “O-Lin the Great Yōkai” are, as it was quite obvious from the story we’ve told you, and from the story told in the series itself. But, in case you did not know, here are the direct answers.

The “Dragon King” is actually Kaidou, as you might have assumed. He ruled over Wano after having usurped the rule in the country, and due to the fact that his Devil Fruit enabled him to transform into a Dragon, the “Dragon King” nickname actually fits him, as it describes both him and his role in Wano Country. This one was quite obvious, and the narrator did not do much to hide Kaidou’s identity.


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The second character, “O-Lin the Great Yōkai,” is actually Big Mom. And while her nickname is less obvious, it is completely obvious what we’re talking about here. The first part is actually a reference to her real name, Charlotte Linlin, while the second part is actually a reference to her appearance and her powers because she really did look like a giant demonic entity when she used her Devil Fruit powers.

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