One Piece: Will Koby Join the Marines?

One Piece: Will Koby Join the Marines?

One Piece‘s live-action adaptation has finally premiered, and fans around the world are finally enjoying the new content and a somewhat different story from the one seen in the manga. Now, there are many questions about many characters from the live-action adaptation, and in this article, we are going to talk about Koby, whom Luffy saved from the pirates he was working for. Now, Koby stated that he wanted to join the Marines, and in this article, we will reveal whether that will happen in the future.

If the live-action adaptation doesn’t change anything, and there is no reason to think it will, Koby will fulfill his dream and become a Marine, thanks to Luffy, who freed him from the Alvida Pirates. Koby would later disappear from the main storyline, and we later find out that he went to the academy and became a proper Marine soldier. Due to his involvement in the Rocky Port Incidnent, Koby became a legend of the Marines; he would later be imprisoned by Blackbeard and saved by his mentor, Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who is, incidentally, also Luffy’s grandfather. It is unknown how much of his story will be adapted in the live-action series, but this is what happened to Koby in the future.

The rest of this article will be about Koby and his story. The first part will focus on what we know about Koby from the live-action series, while the second part will explore his story from the manga, which means that this article will be a combination of content and will, thus, contain a lot of spoilers, so be careful. We don’t really know how much of Koby’s story will be adapted in the live-action series, so we’re bringing you the whole lot here so you can know what to expect, even if the live-action series never makes it that far.

Koby will, indeed, fulfill his dream and become a Marine, and a legendary one at that

So, as we have said, we will start with Koby’s story from the live-action series. In the beginning, Luffy sets sail to the Grand Line, but his boat sinks, and he has to lock himself in a barrel to survive, as he cannot swim because he has lost the ability after consuming the Gomu Gomu no Mi. At some point, the Alvida Pirates pick up the barrel, and one night, Luffy opens it and scares the unsuspecting young boy named Koby, who is cleaning the storage room. There, Luffy introduces himself and starts stealing Alvida’s food while Koby tries to stop him.

Koby is surprised by Luffy’s nonchalant attitude, as the young boy openly states that he wants to become the next Pirate King. On the other hand, Koby reveals that he ended up serving Alvida against his will and that his real goal is to become a Marine, as he hates pirates because they are vile people; this is why he doesn’t believe Luffy when he says that he is a pirate, as Luffy is nice.

He agrees to help Luffy and takes him to the lifeboats while the other pirates are sleeping, but Luffy accidentally wakes them up, and a fight ensues.


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Alvida approaches Luffy and wants to kill him while claiming that Koby is her property, which Luffy disagrees with. Using his Devil Fruit powers, he easily defeats Alvida and part of her crew, while the rest, fearing Luffy’s powers, simply back away and state that they have no problems with Koby.

Luffy and Koby then leave the ship on a boat, but on the way, they realize that Luffy does not have a map and that his sense of direction is absolutely horrible; they still manage to make it to Shell Town, where Koby sees an opportunity to join the Marines. As you know, things didn’t go as smoothly as expected, as the idiot Helmeppo caused trouble for no apparent reason.

Later on, Luffy decided to honor Koby’s wishes, and through his actions, he helped him become a part of the Marines, as the young boy managed to fulfill his dream. And this is where, more or less, the live-action series ends, but what interests us here is what happened to Koby later on.

Did he actually become a Marine or not? Here is where the manga spoilers begin, and while we cannot know whether the live-action series will change something, this is what you can expect from Koby’s story in the future.

Koby and his new friend Helmeppo are initially only taken on as cleaners at the naval base on Shell Town. Even their own training doesn’t help them at first – only when Vice Admiral Garp appears to bring Helmeppo’s father before the court-martial do the two have their big entrance: Morgan takes his son hostage and storms. Koby stands in the way of the officers who want to sink Morgan and Helmeppo with their nutshells.

Despite Helmeppo and Koby’s efforts, Morgan escapes, but Garp is so impressed by this action that he takes the two to the Grand Line at Marine Headquarters and gives them special training there. Sometime later, Koby and Helmeppo are members of Garp’s ship in the ranks of midshipmen and come with him to Water 7, where they surprise Luffy and his gang: Helmeppo has become a swordsman, while Koby puzzles Luffy with the Rokushiki.

Despite being on different sides of the law, Koby and Luffy managed to retain a normal and friendly relationship, as Koby valued Luffy’s help in the past. He respected Luffy because he knew that had it not been for Luffy, he would have still cleaned the decks and rooms on Alvida’s ship. Luffy, despite being a pirate, retained the same amount of respect for Koby as well, and the two of them remained friends despite all the circumstances that stood between them.

Koby rose through the ranks of the Marines relatively quickly, and not only that, he became a true legend of the Marines. Why? Well, he played a major role in the Rocky Port Incident, a major moment in the history of the role, which gained him the respect of his peers, especially Garp, who was his mentor. He would later be kidnapped and imprisoned by Blackbeard and his pirate gang, which included Kuzan (another one of Garp’s former pupils), which prompted a reaction from the Marines.


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Who saved him? Garp himself! While he seemingly retired, he actually retained his title (Vice Admiral), and when Koby needed saving, Garp personally undertook the journey. Not only did he manage to save him, but he demonstrated just how much of a powerhouse he was as he took on Kuzan in a fight. And that is Koby’s story in a nutshell. As we’ve said, we don’t know how much of it is going to be shown in the live-action series, but this is what we have for you and what you can expect.

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