‘Only Murders in the Building’ Nathan Lane is Returning for Season 2

only murders in the building

Nathan Lane, who recurred as Arconia resident and podcast sponsor Teddy Dimas in Only Murders In The Building , is officially back for season 2. Hulu murder-mystery comedy follows three strangers who share an obsession with true crime, and when a murder occurs in their apartment building, they are determined to solve it. The season 1 ended with the trio unraveling yet another crime, a cliffhanger which promised a new season.

Lane (The Gilded Age, The Birdcage, The Producers) has confirmed he is returning for season 2 and although he refuses to share the details of it, he does announce a big surprise for the viewers.

“I come back. I can’t tell you how but I do come back. [Teddy] did not commit the murder but they were grave robbing. He comes back in an interesting way and there’s a big surprise.”


Only Murders In The Building Star Selena Gomez Opens Up About The Upcoming Season 2

Lane also shares that it is “such a joy to be on the show with Marty and Steve and Selena Gomez who is so lovely”, adding that the cast is attracting some great guest stars and that he is “really happy” to see all the success they’re having with the series.

The great guest stars which Lane is referring to include Shirley MacLaine (Terms of EndearmentDownton Abbey), Cara Delavigne (Paper Towns, Suicide Squad) Amy Schumer (Trainwreck, Inside Amy Schumer), and Michael Rapaport (War at Home, Prison Break). 

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