‘Open Your Eyes’ Review: Gossip Girl Meets Legion

'Open Your Eyes' Review

Imagine waking up in a new area with no memory of how you got there or even who you are. Assume you and a group of other gorgeous teenagers are in the same position. Do you think that seems like a perplexing show? That’s what it did to us. Continue reading to learn more.

We observe a young woman sleeping fitfully in the first shot, and we hear screaming in her brain. She abruptly awakens. The young woman (Maria Wawreniuk) has no idea where she is or who she is. She finds a significant burn on her arm. As she gets ready to start her day, an alarm clock sounds and informs her of what she has recalled about herself. Her parents were killed in a fire. She was named after her aunt, although she has no idea what her name is. Her birthday is February 6th, and she is 17 years old. Her mother used to warn her that if she didn’t clean her teeth, they would fall out. She’s been there for four days and is now known as NN (for “No Name”).

She notices another person her age dancing as she walks through this prominent hospital-like ancient structure with contemporary furnishings and lighting. She is soon joined by other teenagers who have spent time at the Second Chance memory problem clinic. Iza (Klaudia Koscista), an enthusiastic patient with pink hair, offers NN the lowdown on what to anticipate.

'Open Your Eyes' Review

Dr. Zofia Morulska (Marta Nieradkiewicz), the center’s director, will primarily extract information from the patient rather than spoon-feed any info. Everyone else has been through the same things she has, yet they all recall things differently. It is, however, a gradual process. Iza also claims that honing a talent helps with memory in general.

NN remembers her father telling her to hold hot cups by the handle during her visit with Dr. Zofia, and she remembers her aunt’s appearance but not her name. But just as she begins to look for that name, there is a commotion outside; Dr. Zofia is called to rescue a crazy patient named Magda (Sara Celler Jezierska) from the woods.

The following morning, NN hears someone call for someone else, Karolina; when she asks the doctor whether that’s her name, the doctor responds that when you recall your name, you’re confident of it. She also hears terrible piano music, which she is told is the work of a returning student called Adam (Ignacy Liss), who recently ran away. After chasing an orphan girl into the center’s theater, NN ultimately encounters Adam. She not only finds that she is a beautiful pianist, but when Adam asks what her name is, she responds, “Julia,” as if she had never forgotten it.

What shows will it make you think of? Open Your Eyes combines the strangeness of a program like Legion with the high-school-of-it-all tone of Gossip Girl or Elite.

Our Take: Open Your Eyes begins slowly as we watch Julia struggle to navigate the beginning of a day in which she knows nothing about herself or why she’s there. But once she meets her fellow patients, such as a lithe dancer named Syzmon (Wojiech Dolatowski), a fool named Pawel (Michal Sikorski), and a clever girl named Milena (Zuzanna Galewicz), the program goes into high gear as a weird adolescent drama that we’re not sure what it wants to be.

Something is going on inside the Second Chance institution, and Julia will learn more as she reconstructs the accident that brought her there in the first place. Magda is already waiting nearby, ready to pounce and inform Julia that a girl named Karolina is the key to Julia receiving the information she seeks. But will we have to sift through more uninteresting sequences of Julia attempting to sift through her shaky memory for the narrative to get going?

We have a few indications towards the end. We kind of figure that Dr. Zofia knows a lot more about Julia than Julia knows about herself. But we’re not sure if the series will delve extensively into that investigation. We already know that Julia and Adam will bond and that Adam may be one of the more hazardous patients in Second Chance. Will we learn more about Julia’s new network of friends? Will this program focus on the weird things going on within the institution, or will we get side stories about amnesiac teens?

After the first episode, it’s just not apparent, which is why we’re not sure what to think about this show. We do know that the first episode might have moved at a far faster pace, given that the sluggish periods did not freak us out or build tension. However, as the series progresses, things may gather up the pace.

While we’re not sure what type of program Open Your Eyes is, we enjoyed its stark visual style and the performances of its young lead.

SCORE: 6/10

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