Oscar-Nominated John Logan Tapped for DC’s ‘The Brave and the Bold’ Screenplay

The Brave and the Bold

The DC Universe is abuzz with anticipation! Word on the street (or rather, r/DCEULeaks to be precise) is that John Logan, the three-time Oscar-nominated genius behind hits like ‘Gladiator,’ ‘Skyfall,’ and ‘Hugo,’ is in discussions to write the screenplay for ‘The Brave and the Bold.’ If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.

So, what’s the plot stirring in the DC pot? The studio is gearing up to delve into Bruce Wayne mentoring his son, Damian, grooming him to become Robin. Sounds riveting, right? The cherry on top? They’re taking cues from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s renowned ‘Batman and Robin’ comic series. For all the comic enthusiasts out there, this is something to eagerly await.


Grant Morrison Batman Reading Order: The Complete Guide

Remember Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Batman in ‘The Flash’? There were whispers that Warner Bros. had grand visions for him, hinting at a lasting role in the DCU. However, plans have a way of changing. Despite the warm reception of Keaton’s Batman in ‘The Flash,’ that storyline’s been shelved. Now, the word is that DC Studios has its eyes set on unveiling a new Batman for ‘The Brave and the Bold.’

Who’s next in line for the iconic bat-suit? That’s the million-dollar question. Names like John Krasinski and Jensen Ackles from ‘The Boys’ are floating around. Yet, everything’s still up in the air. And while there was chatter about George Clooney making a Batman comeback, that’s been put to rest.

The DC Universe never ceases to keep us on our toes. With ‘The Brave and the Bold’ potentially hitting theaters in 2026 or 2027, the waiting game begins. Here’s to hoping it’s worth the wait!

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