‘Overruled’: A Fresh Take on Superheroes in the World of Comics


In the ever-expanding realm of comics, Dynamite Entertainment is setting the stage for a fresh narrative. They’re collaborating with Arancia Studio to release a limited series titled ‘Overruled.’ It’s a thrilling dive into what happens post-superhero battles. Think about the aftermath of a mighty clash where the villain is defeated. Who takes responsibility for the damages? What if someone gets hurt? ‘Overruled’ unravels these intriguing queries.

Set in a world post ‘the Event,’ which gifted superpowers to a select few, we’re thrust into a society grappling with the implications of these newfound abilities. Only one in every million individuals possesses these powers, creating an unprecedented scenario for the legal system. The Madsen Act mandates that these superpowered individuals register their abilities. However, every case involving them is a unique challenge. And leading the charge in this new legal frontier is Manhattan’s top firm, Peters, Salazar & Abernathy, specializing in “post-human” cases.

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What sets ‘Overruled’ apart is its critical look at the ethics of superheroes, especially in a world divided on the ‘superpower problem.’ Some nations have taken aggressive stances, while others opt for more passive approaches. It’s a reflection of our own society’s polarizing opinions on pivotal issues. The series suggests that superheroes, despite their elevated status and powers, are not exempt from the legalities that bind society.


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Behind this compelling narrative are talents like Adriano Barone, known for his work on ‘Nathan Never/Justice League,’ Luca Blengino, who collaborated on titles like ‘Red Sonja,’ and David Goy of ‘Deep Beyond’ fame. The art, a crucial aspect of any comic series, is entrusted to Alberto Locatelli, recognized for his distinctive style in works like ‘Vampirella: Dead Flowers.’

The excitement is palpable. Mirka Andolfo, a celebrated creator, has expressed her enthusiasm for the project, hinting at special editions and more cover artists yet to be announced. Meanwhile, Nick Barrucci, the CEO of Dynamite, has a history of successful collaborations with Arancia and is eager to present ‘Overruled’ to fans.

For those keen on early access, there’s a crowdfunding campaign set for 2024, offering a special edition of the first issue for supporters. Additionally, ‘Overruled #1’ will be up for pre-orders via Diamond Comic Distributors’ Previews catalog, and digitally across various platforms.

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