Pamela Anderson Is Returning to the Big Screen in ‘The Naked Gun’ Reboot Alongside Liam Neeson!

Pamela Anderson Is Returning to the Big Screen in 'The Naked Fun' Reboot Alongside Liam Neeson!

The Naked Gun, which originally starred Leslie Nielsen, is one of the most beloved action comedy series of all time and a true genre classic in every possible way. The legendary actor died in 2010, but while he was definitely the main face of the franchise, it was confirmed in October 2022 that the franchise would be coming back and that Oscar-nominated actor Liam Neeson would be taking over Nielsen’s role in the upcoming reboot of the beloved franchise.

And while Neeson is definitely a great actor and a big name, as well as someone who has experience in action movies, it remains to be seen how the production side of the whole project will approach the reboot and what the new series will actually look like. But this is something for the future. What we have now is new casting info that has recently been revealed and which confirms that a major name from the 90s might have her comeback in the upcoming movie.

Namely, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Pamela Anderson has signed on to appear as the female lead in the movie! This means that the former sex symbol will be making a grand return to the bring screen by playing a character that will provide us with a combination of sexiness and goofiness. As it stands, she will play a role similar to the one Priscilla Presley had in the original series and will star opposite Neeson’s Frank Drebin in the movie.

This is certainly a major scoop, as most details about the reboot are still kept under locks, which is why we have no plot-related details either. We know that Seth MacFarlane and Erica Huggins are producing via their company Fuzzy Door. Akiva Schaffer is going to direct the film, which has a script by Dan Gregor, Doug Mand, and Schaffer himself. Schaffer is also going to be the executive producer of the movie, alongside Daniel M. Stillman.

This is all that we know as of the time of writing, as no additional cast or crew members have been confirmed. The movie currently has a planned┬áJuly 18, 2025 release date, with principal photography set to take place from May to June 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia. It is not much, but we do have some basic information about the movie. It has yet to be seen whether the release date will be changed, but we hope it won’t because the planned release date is not that far away.

Be sure to keep following us for all the upcoming updates, as there are certainly going to be many of them in the upcoming months.

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