Patrick Wilson Confirms the Shooting Start Date for Insidious Chapter 5

Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson’s directorial debut has everything set up to start the film shooting this spring.

After confirming that Insidious 5 will be directed by Patrick Wilson, the star of James Wan’s horror saga and star of The Conjuring series has revealed when filming will begin on his directorial debut. During the press conference for Roland Emmerich’s new catastrophic sci-fi film ‘Moonfall’, which will hit theaters in March, and co-star Patrick Wilson, the actor confirmed that things are ready for Insidious 5 and assured: “Yes, we’re ready to start. At the moment we are still scouting locations to find the last thing we need, but we will start shooting in the spring.”

It is unclear at this time whether other key actors in the saga, such as Rose Byrne or Lin Shaye, will also be involved. Scott Teems, who wrote the Blumhouse-produced remake of Stephen King’s Firestarter, wrote the screenplay for Insidious 5 based on a theme by Leigh Whannell, author of the four previous stories and director of Insidious 3.

The new chapter for the popular franchise was announced a few months ago when the movie company BloomHouse confirmed Patrick Wilson to direct the project. Back in October, Wilson and Jason Blum had an interview with the media Gamespot and tried to give details about the agreement. Although we don’t know the exact agreement yet, the story will have place 10 years later the last events, and it will follow Dalton in his college stage.

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Insidious is alongside The Warren’s Franchise as one of the most known horror stories nowadays, the first movie came out back in 2011, and it’s considered as part of the horror culture because of its transcendence in the cinema industry and due to its great psychological horror content, as well as excellent technical aspects. However, after the third installment, the quality of the script, and repetitive elements such as screamers and non-novel scenography, the popularity of the franchise began to wane.

However, Insidious 5 will hit theaters soon, even though the eye of critics is on Wilson being the director of the project. In addition, there have been comments regarding problems within the cast and the absence of some important members, which may cause a drop in production quality. At the moment we have an approximate shooting start date, which will be in mid-March, and perhaps it could be released in September as is usual for the franchise.

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