Peacemaker Vs. Black Adam: Who Would Win And Why?

Peacemaker vs. Black Adam: Who Would Win And Why?

We have seen John Cena vs. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a WWE ring, as these are two rivals that we are going to pit against one another in this discussion. However, instead of a wrestling match between Cena and The Rock, this is going to be a battle between Peacemaker and Black Adam, who John Cena and Dwayne Johnson play respectively in their own series or movie. So, who would win between Peacemaker and Black Adam?

Black Adam will always win against Peacemaker because he is essentially a being with the power of the gods. Even though Peacemaker is well-equipped and is at the peak of human levels in terms of his physical capabilities and combat training, there is nothing he can do against a godlike character.

There is no doubt that Peacemaker is an amazing combatant that can beat anyone who is not superpowered. However, the fact that Black Adam is a being with divine powers makes him someone who Peacemaker can never defeat. Still, it is better to look at the characters’ capabilities to understand why Black Adam is far ahead superior to Peacemaker.

Physical Capabilities

Peacemaker vs. Black Adam: Who Would Win And Why?

One of the things that truly stand out about Peacemaker is his physical capability. In The Suicide Squad, there is no doubt that he stands head and shoulders above every non-superpowered being in terms of his physical capabilities as he is easily at the peak human level when it comes to his strength, durability, stamina, and reflexes.

And the fact that he is portrayed by John Cena ultimately makes him look bigger and stronger than any other ordinary human in The Suicide Squad.

Meanwhile, Black Adam is played by the equally impressive physical beast named Dwane Johnson, who you probably know as The Rock during his WWE days.

Black Adam may not have undergone the same kind of rigorous weight training that Peacemaker went through, but he didn’t need to because he possesses the superhuman speed of the Egyptian god of the sky, Horus, and the superhuman strength by the King of the Egyptian gods, Amun. That means that his speed and strength are superhuman and are on par with Shazam, who was able to go toe-to-toe with Superman in the comics.


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This is a no-contest because we are basically pitting the peak physical capabilities of an ordinary human against the physical capabilities of a godlike being. That is why we are giving this round to Black Adam

Points: Peacemaker 0, Black Adam 1


Peacemaker vs. Black Adam: Who Would Win And Why?

Peacemaker stands out when compared to other regular humans in the sense that he is at the peak human level when it comes to his abilities. He is great at handling different types of weapons and is amazing when it comes to shooting from a range.

Peacemaker is capable of shooting people from a good distance without much difficulty. And he can even shoot a bullet with his own bullet, and that isn’t something that any ordinary man can do.

Black Adam is powered by the Egyptian gods and possesses the power of six gods. He is physically augmented with superhuman physical capabilities and has the power to thunder and lightning because he is powered by Ra, the Egyptian god of light.

That said, he is capable of doing godlike things with all of the different powers he possesses. On top of that, he is also godlike in his courage and wisdom, which he also inherited from Egyptian gods.

Again, this is a no-contest. No matter how well-trained a man is, there is no way he can stand up to the powers of someone who possesses the capabilities of the gods. This is why Black Adam is once again the winner in this category.

Points: Peacemaker 0, Black Adam 2

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Another thing that Peacemaker excels at is hand-to-hand combat. He is an excellent close-quarter combatant and was able to fight on par with Rick Flag, an extensively trained military personnel. That means that he can take almost anyone in single combat with or without weapons. And this is what makes Peacemaker such a great fighter, even when you compare him to other superpowered characters that don’t have the kind of training that he has.

Even though we often see godlike beings like Black Adam relying mostly on his superhuman powers, there is no doubt that he is also a master hand-to-hand combatant.

He is advanced in terms of what he can do in close-quarter combat, as he has spent an entire lifetime fighting different beings such as aliens. That means that Black Adam is also an excellent fighter and has spent hundreds or even thousands of years honing his close-quarter combat skills.

Assuming that you take away Black Adam’s godlike powers without killing him, he still possesses amazing combat skills that will put him at the level of some of the best combatants among the ordinary humans in DC. That is why we cannot give his round to either him or Peacemaker.

Points: Peacemaker 0, Black Adam 2


Peacemaker vs. Black Adam: Who Would Win And Why?

Experience-wise, there is no doubt that Peacemaker is an experienced fighter and operative, as he was trained since childhood. You could say that he has spent his entire life working as a vigilante or as a special operative to keep the peace.

This means that he has spent an entire life fighting against different types of opponents in different types of situations. As such, Peacemaker is an experienced fighter who stands on par with any other human character in DC in terms of experience.

Black Adam, on the other hand, has spent thousands of years fighting. Before he became Black Adam, he used to be the champion of the Wizard and spent hundreds or even thousands of years fighting against different types of threats. He even went up against aliens.

And when he became Black Adam, a being powered by the Egyptian gods, he has fought different superhuman opponents such as Superman, Shazam, and the other members of the Justice League.


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We are basically talking about decades of experience fighting terrorists and criminals against thousands of years of experience fighting against aliens and superpowered beings. There is no questioning the fact that Black Adam stomps in this round once again.

Points: Peacemaker 0, Black Adam 3


Peacemaker may already be a dangerous hand-to-hand combatant, but he becomes even more dangerous when he is well-equipped. He wields a lot of different weapons such as guns, axes, and swords.

This means that he is proficient with any weapon in his hand to the point that Amanda Waller herself said that he is dangerous enough to turn anything in his hands into a weapon. As such, Peacemaker is someone who you should never mess with, especially when he is well-equipped.

Black Adam doesn’t need any weapons because his body and his powers are more than enough to defeat any kind of opponent. At one point, he carried a yellow ring of power, but Black Adam is already strong enough that he doesn’t need any kind of weapon. His strongest weapons are his abilities. As such, he almost always fights barehanded.


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We are tempted to give this round once more to Black Adam because, even though he doesn’t carry any equipment around, he can wipe the floor with Peacemaker. However, because Peacemaker is a weapons expert, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to be given a weapon that will allow him to fight toe-to-toe with Black Adam. As such, we will give this round to Christopher Smith.

Points: Peacemaker 1, Black Adam 3


Peacemaker vs. Black Adam: Who Would Win And Why?

Peacemaker’s feats are no joke because he basically toyed with almost all of the enemies he encountered in The Suicide Squad. An ordinary goon seemed like an ant to him, as he and Bloodsport turned their fights into competitions to see who between them was the better fighter. Peacemaker’s best feat in The Suicide Squad was killing Rick Flag, who is an amazing fighter in his own right. 

On the other hand, Black Adam’s feats are amazing. He once turned away an entire alien race that wanted to attack the planet. On top of that, he regularly fights with superpowered beings such as Superman, Shazam, Wonder Woman, and a lot of other superheroes and supervillains alike. And in a lot of those fights, he either comes out as the winner or fights his opponents to a close battle that could have gone either way.

Given the fact that Black Adam fights against opponents that are lightyears ahead of Peacemaker, his feats are far beyond what Peacemaker has accomplished. It’s not even a competition at this point because Black Adam is just far ahead of the superior being in terms of his feats.

Points: Peacemaker 1, Black Adam 4

Peacemaker Vs. Black Adam: Who Wins?

This is a one-sided fight that Black Adam can easily finish in a second and with a single finger. The gap between Peacemaker and Black Adam is so huge that not even a hundred years of training can allow Peacemaker to close the gap. So, while John Cena and The Rock may be 1-1 in a WWE ring, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam will take this fight any day of the week.

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