‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Episodes 1 & 2 Summary and Ending Explained

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The 2023 series version of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ has been one of the most anticipated shows in recent years due to the fact that there are a lot of fans of these shows. One of the best parts about it is that the first two episodes were released at the same time, and that makes it easier for fans to get into the series without having to wait another week. The first two episodes, of course, were able to deliver in relation to the early plot of the storyline.

We know that Percy Jackson is the central character of the series, and that’s why the first two episodes focus a lot on his introduction and development as the focus figure of this storyline. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in the first two episodes of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians.’

Percy doesn’t know about his true nature

The opening scene of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ focuses heavily on a monologue by Percy and how he feels that he is a bit weird compared to other children. He was seeing fantastical things that no one else could see, and this has gotten him in trouble with the school officials. Of course, the bullies were quick to pounce on his weirdness as he struggled to find a friend before Grover came along.

But while Percy did indeed struggle to make friends when he was a child, his mother, Sally Jackson, tried to make things easier for him by telling him the stories of the Greek gods and the many different mythological stories by taking him to the museum and easing him into his background. As such, Percy’s knowledge of Greek mythology was already good by the time he reached his pre-teen years.


During a trip with his classmates to the museum, Percy started seeing things once more as Mr. Brunner, one of his teachers, gave him a pen that he said was a mighty instrument. Then again, Nancy Bobofit bullied him as Percy had to stand up to her, only for Nancy to get mysteriously pushed into a fountain. Of course, Nancy blamed Percy. But the most interesting detail here is the fact that Mrs. Dodds, one of the teachers who were with them, actually realized who Percy was.


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Dodds transformed into a winged creature called a Fury and demanded Percy to tell her where “it” was. However, as she attacked the boy, Percy unknowingly activated the power of his pen, which turned into a sword that killed Dodds. But Percy passed out, not knowing whether or not the things that happened were real. The worst part was that Mr. Brunner told him that there was no person named Mrs. Dodds.

After the incident in the museum, the school officials spoke to both Percy and Grover as they wanted to know more about the incident involving Nancy. While Percy remains firm in his belief that he didn’t push Nancy, Grover flips the story, forcing the school to expel Percy. The young Jackson goes home sad as he has to find the heart to tell his mother what happened to him despite the fact that his living conditions at home were not entirely great due to his relationship with Gabe, his stepfather.

After telling Sally what happened in school, the mother-and-son duo goes on a trip to a shack just by the coast, and Gabe reluctantly agrees to allow them to go on that trip. But while they were on their way there, Percy dreamed of a mysterious voice that was seemingly threatening him.

Sally Jackson reveals Percy’s godhood

Percy woke up to find that he and his mother had arrived in the cabin. The young boy tried his best to tell his mother that he had been seeing things and that he believed that there was something wrong with him. Sally eventually reveals the reason why they always go to that cabin by the coast as she tells Percy that many years ago, she met his father there.

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Sally went on to tell Percy that his father was unlike any man she had ever met because he wasn’t a man. Instead, his father was an actual god, making Percy a half-blood or a demigod. But Percy was still unsure of whether or not his mother was making sense until Grover arrived to tell Percy that they had to go. The thing here is that Grover was no longer using his normal human legs and had already revealed the truth about his goat legs and his status as a Satyr.

With that, Percy, Sally, and Grover go on a trip together as they need to get to Camp Half-Blood, which is a safe haven for half-bloods. The problem was that the Minotaur was hot on their tail.

Camp Half-Blood on the horizon

With the Minotaur chasing them, Sally had to try to shake the monster loose, ending in a car crash for the heroes. However, they were already close to Camp Half-Blood despite crashing the car. The problem was that the Minotaur was still looking to get its hands on Percy.

minotaur chase

Sally uses one of the children’s jackets to try to shake the sense of the Minotaur, which was using its sense of smell to tell where Percy and Grover were. But before telling the kids to go, Sally makes Grover swear that he would protect Percy with his life, as he was always supposed to be Percy’s protector.

The Minotaur arrived, and Sally was able to distract it long enough for the kids to get some distance between them and the monster. But the beast was able to get its hands on Sally as Percy’s mother disappeared like dust before the Minotaur could crush her.

Believing that the monster had killed his mother, Percy tried to fight the beast using his sword. His anger allowed him to get the better of the Minotaur as he was able to climb on top of it, chop off one of its horns, and kill it using its own horn. Percy passed out after the fight as the ending scene hinted that the people of Camp Half-Blood were able to get to him just outside the border of the Camp.


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Percy learns about Camp

Episode 2 opens with Percy still groggy as he hears a voice telling him that he snores. He wakes up upset about what happened to his mom as Grover is there with him in the infirmary. Upon waking up, he and Grover found the Greek god Dionysus telling Percy that he was his father in the hopes that the young boy would give him some alcohol to drink.

However, Mr. Brunner, who was actually the centaur named Chiron, was the one overseeing the training of the kids in Camp Half-Blood. Chiron allows Percy to get to know more about Camp Half-Blood and allows him to stay in Hermes’ Cabin, which was the cabin of the children of Hermes and those who were unclaimed by other gods. That was where Percy met a new friend in Luke, who told him more about the culture in Camp Half-Blood and how those who are able to gain glory are those who are respected the most.

percy 2

While that was happening, Grover went to the Cloven Council, where he was able to learn more about Sally’s fate as he was curious as to why she turned to dust instead of getting squished by the Minotaur. He learned that Hades stole Sally before the Minotaur could kill her. However, Chiron and Mr. D insisted on keeping this a secret from Percy.

Capture the flag

After getting to know more about Camp, Percy joined the other students for training to learn that he wasn’t particularly good at anything at all as he wasn’t the most skilled half-blood there. However, Luke was still quite adamant that Percy would find his way on his own.

However, Clarisse, a bully within the community, started picking on Percy and tried to shove his face into a toilet to make him admit that he was a fraud who lied about killing the Minotaur. But the water from the toilet rose up and attacked Clarisse, and Percy was left confused. Meanwhile, Annabeth introduced herself to Percy as the person who was watching over him in the infirmary. It was clear that she was observing him the entire time.

Luke tells Percy more about Annabeth and how she was the strongest fighter in Camp. He also tells him the story of Thalia, who was one of the Forbidden Children, and how he and Annabeth lost her while they were on their way to Camp. Luke also tells Percy that Annabeth was simply waiting for the kid who was prophesized to go on an important quest and how she was also fated to go on the same quest. 

During Capture the Flag, Annabeth tells Percy to stay in the forest while the rest of the kids fight on the frontlines. This was obviously a strategy on Annabeth’s part so that they could distract Clarisse, knowing that she would go and find Percy to try to beat him up.

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Instead of protecting her team’s flag, Clarisse and a few of her teammates went to Percy to bully him and make him admit that he lied about the Minotaur. Percy was able to put up a good fight and eventually broke Clarisse’s spear, only for her to realize that the distraction worked because Percy’s team was able to capture the opposing team’s flag.

Percy and the nature of his quest

Annabeth, who was invisible the entire time due to a cap that she got from her mother, was actually observing Percy the entire time. She pushed Percy into the river as Percy’s wounds healed, allowing everyone in Camp to see that Poseidon, one of the three main gods of the Greek pantheon, had claimed Percy as his son.

Chiron immediately takes Percy to tell him of his ultimate fate as the person who could prevent a war from breaking out. That’s because Zeus’ master bolt had been stolen by a half-blood believed to be a Forbidden Child. Percy was the only Forbidden Child around, and this made Zeus believe that he was the one who stole his bolt.


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In that regard, Zeus threatened Poseidon that he was going to go to war with him if he didn’t return the bolt. That is why Percy’s quest right now was to find the master bolt so that he could prevent a war from breaking out. Chiron and Mr. D believe that Hades could have something to do with it. 

But Percy wasn’t even willing to take the quest until Grover arrived to tell him that his mother wasn’t dead and that Hades could have taken her. Learning about what happened to his mother and how Hades could be involved in it was what prompted Percy to decide that he was going on this quest, thus allowing the cogwheels of the entire ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ storyline to turn.

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