‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’: Here Is What the Mist Is

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There are a lot of mystical forces at work in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ due to the fact that the story revolves around gods, demigods, and monsters that we only read about in Greek mythology. In Percy Jackson’s case, he knows for a fact that the things that he normally sees on a day-to-day basis are seemingly nonexistent to most people. This is due to something called the Mist. So, what is the Mist in ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians?’

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  • The reason why anything mystical is seemingly invisible to the eyes of mortals or normal people is due to the Mist, which is a supernatural force that hides gods, monsters, and Titans from the eyes of mortals.
  • The Mist is controlled by the goddess Hecate, whose most important role is to make sure that supernatural and mythological events are kept secret from mortals.

Percy originally thought he was mentally ill

During the earlier part of the ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ storyline, one of the things that Percy Jackson said was that he had problems making friends because most people thought that he was weird. In fact, he himself believed that he was not right in the head because he was often seeing visions of creatures or things that he thought weren’t really there due to how the people around him were unable to see such things.

Most of the events of episode 1 of the series focus on Percy’s perceived problems with his head because he was seemingly seeing, hearing, feeling, and experiencing things that the people around him were unable to see. Even his fight with the Fury named Alecto during his school trip to the museum was seemingly invisible to the people around them. 


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Mr. Brunner (Chiron in disguise) and Percy’s other classmates even agreed that there was no teacher named Mrs. Dodds in their school despite the fact that Percy had just concluded a fight with her.

This made Percy think that he wasn’t right in the head and that something was wrong with him. He wanted to tell his mother how he felt, only for Sally Jackson to tell him that he was special in another way, revealing the fact that he was the son of a god. That was when Grover, Percy’s best friend at school, barged in and spilled the beans before Sally could even tell him everything.

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What surprised Percy about Grover’s sudden appearance was the fact that he had goat legs instead of the human legs Percy was accustomed to during their time together at school. That was when Grover told Percy about the Mist and the very nature of this mystical force. As such, the things that Percy was seeing were actually real and were not happening in his head. It’s just that this Mist was responsible for changing the perception of the people around him.

The Mist conceals gods, monsters, and Titans

As mentioned by Grover, the Mist is what’s responsible for changing the way that people see things that are mythological in nature, especially when it comes to gods, monsters, and the like. But what exactly is the Mist?

The books explain that the Mist is a mystical force that makes sure that the mythological events happening in the world are basically nonexistent to regular people or mortals. In fact, this job was given to the goddess Hecate, the Greek goddess of the moon. It was her job to conceal gods and monsters or anything mythological from the realm of mortals, and that’s why she uses the Mist as a way of influencing the way that regular people perceive things.


What the Mist does is that it replaces the visions of mortals to make sure that things that are mythological are perceived differently. For example, the Mist allows Chiron to look like a man in a wheelchair when, in fact, he is actually a centaur. Even Percy Jackson’s battle with the Fury didn’t happen in the perception of regular people because the Mist made sure to keep it hidden.

The Mist is even capable of changing the memories of people regarding certain events that are related to mythological things. For example, the Mist made it so that no one would remember Mrs. Dodds, who was actually a Fury the entire time.

There are even instances wherein the Mist can be strong enough to fold demigods, as was the case when Percy’s perception of mythological things can be changed into what mortals see on a regular basis to make it seem like he was seeing things that weren’t there. However, this was only the case before Percy learned about his status as a demigod.


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Some mortals are actually able to see through the Mist, as was the case when Sally Jackson was able to see the Minotaur during the events of season 1. But it is possible that Sally was only able to see through the Mist because she was already completely aware of the existence of the mythological side of reality.

One of the lesser-known aspects of the Mist is that it not only conceals the realm of the mythological world from the mortal world, but it also acts as a way of dividing the Greek and the Roman demigods for a very long time. In the books, the presence of the Mist is strong near Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter.

But there are instances wherein a person can gain the ability to see through the Mist, as that was the case when Loki was able to manipulate the Mist and remove it so that a mortal and his wife could see the mythological world.

In other words, the Mist is sort of the veil that separates myth from reality in the world of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ in order to separate the mortal realm from the realm of the gods, monsters, and Titans.

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