‘Percy Jackson’: Who Is Augustus, and Why Isn’t He in the Books?


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I’ve been watching ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ on Disney+, just like many of you, and in episode 6, there’s this character, Augustus, who caught my attention. He’s not from the ‘Percy Jackson‘ books we all know, and that’s pretty surprising. It’s an interesting twist to see a fresh character in the world we thought we knew so well. Let’s take a closer look at Augustus and find out what makes him so special in the Percy Jackson series.

Meet Augustus, the new face in Percy’s world

Augustus is an older Satyr who shares a past with Grover, one of the series’ main characters. His appearance is not just a fleeting moment; it adds depth to Grover’s backstory and enriches the world of the series.

The inclusion of Augustus is a bold move by the showrunners, as it marks a departure from the original storyline. This decision reflects their commitment to not only staying true to the spirit of the books but also to expanding the Percy Jackson universe in new and exciting ways.

Augustus’ role in the show

Agustus shows up in a few scenes; he is at the Lotus Hotel when Annabeth, Percy, and Grover go to find Hermes. Grover accidentally stumbled upon Augustus and was surprised to see that the old Satyr was completely brainwashed by the effects of the lotus flower. Augustus couldn’t recall where he was or who Grover was, he was only rambling about the fact that he managed to find Pan.

Incredibly, Grover decided to follow him, but instead of happening upon Pan, Augustus led Grover toward the Virtual Reality game. By that point, the effects of the Lotus Flower started affecting Grover as well, so Grover was just kind of going along with it.

Augustus had a relatively small role in the show; he was used as a prop to prove how severe the effects of the Lotus Flower can be.

Is Augustus played by Mark Hamill?

A common question among viewers of ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ has been whether Mark Hamill is playing the character Augustus. They do share a striking resemblance, which has led to this mix-up.

However, it’s actually Ted Dykstra who brings Augustus to life on screen. Dykstra, with his impressive acting background and strong presence in the Canadian theatre scene, has a look and style that understandably could remind someone of Hamill.

This similarity might be why many fans initially thought Hamill was part of the cast. Despite this confusion, it’s Dykstra’s portrayal that adds depth and intrigue to the character of Augustus in the series.

Meet Ted Dykstra, the man behind Augustus

Ted Dykstra, the talented actor behind the character of Augustus in Disney+’s ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’, brings a wealth of experience and depth to the role. Born in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, and raised in St. Albert, Alberta, Dykstra has been a fixture in the Canadian theatre scene. He began his acting career at the young age of 15 and quickly established himself as a versatile performer.

Dykstra is not just an actor; he’s also a recognized figure in the world of theater. He is a founding member of Toronto’s Soulpepper Theatre and, along with his wife Diana Bentley, runs The Coal Mine Theatre in Toronto. His contributions to the arts have earned him a slew of accolades, including six Dora Mavor Moore Awards for various disciplines such as acting, musical direction, and producing.

In addition to his theatre work, Dykstra has a rich background in television and voice acting. His voice roles include characters in ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ and ‘RoboRoach’. His diverse skills and experience make him an excellent choice for the role of Augustus, adding a layer of authenticity and complexity to the character.

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