‘Plus-Sized Elf’ Anime Reveals First Trailer Ahead of July Premiere!

'Plus-Sized Elf' Anime Reveals First Trailer Ahead of July Premiere!

Written and illustrated by Synecdoche, the Plus-Sized Elf comedy manga is one of the more interesting titles on the market. The original manga ran from 2016 to 2021 and was collected in 8 volumes, but it was continued in 2021 with a sequel manga, Plus-Sized Elf: Second Helping!, which has three volumes as of the time of writing. This is a very special series, and we know that an anime adaptation is on the way.

The anime is going to premiere in July 2024, and the series is probably going to run for one cour before eventually being renewed for a second. But, before the anime premieres this summer, we have finally received the first trailer and it is – hilarious!

The series is a very cheerful take on the fantasy genre, and if you like comedy, Plus-Sized Elf will definitely make you laugh, as you can see based on the first trailer we have for you:

The trailer is absolutely hilarious, and we assume that the anime series is going to be just like that as well. In case you’re not fully acquainted with the story, the official synopsis reveals the following:

Naoe-kun, a massage therapist, is about to head home for the day when he’s saddled with a rather strange patient. This lovely lady has emerald eyes, pointy ears, and grew up in the forest–everything about her screams “elf,” except for one thing: her bodacious body. It turns out she left her world but loves junk food in this one, and now her obsession has caught up with her. Can Naoe-kun help this lovable elf girl lose the weight–and keep it off?

The anime is premiering later this year, but it is unknown which streaming service is going to pick up the series, so we are going to get back to you on that as soon as we find out. The cast and crew include the following names:


  • Director: Toshikatsu Tokoro (Soul Link)
  • Character designer: Katsuyuki Sato (Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!)
  • Series composer: Yuuki Takabayashi (We Love Rice)
  • Animation production: Elias


  • Takahide Ishii as Tomoatsu Naoe
  • Ayasa Ito as Elfuda
  • Rena Hasegawa as Kuroeda
  • Ayaka Fukuhara as Olga 

And this is all we have for you at this moment, but more information will be released in the upcoming weeks and months, so we are going to bring you all the updates as soon as they arrive and believe us, there will be several updates before the premiere. This is why you should keep following us for more information, here on Anime Horizon, your best and most reliable source for all anime-related news and information.

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