‘Pokemon Horizons’: U.S. Release Date Revealed

Pokemon Horizons: U.S. Release Date Revealed

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Great news for Pokemon enthusiasts in the U.S.! After a successful run in Japan, the much-anticipated anime series, Pokemon Horizons, is finally making its way stateside. Mark your calendars for February 23rd, 2024, the date announced by The Pokemon Company for its U.S. launch. Fans can look forward to streaming the series on Netflix, which will distribute the show in its familiar batch format.

‘Pokemon Horizons’ introduces a significant change in its narrative direction. This time, we won’t be following Ash Ketchum’s adventures. Instead, the spotlight shines on two new protagonists, Roy and Liko, in the Paldea region. They are part of the Rising Volt Tacklers, embarking on various missions while evading the Explorers, a group intent on capturing Liko for her heirloom pendant.


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So far, ‘Pokemon Horizons’ has rolled out 30 episodes and is gearing up for an exciting new arc. This upcoming segment is inspired by the next DLC batch for ‘Pokemon Scarlet’ and ‘Violet,’ known as ‘The Indigo Disk.’ Though this new chapter will be some time coming to America, fans can expect the DLC to be available from December 14th.

This series marks a new era for ‘Pokemon’ animations. With fresh faces and intriguing plotlines, ‘Pokemon Horizons’ promises to be a thrilling addition to the Pokemon world. Early 2024 might seem like a long wait, but it’s shaping up to be worth it for U.S. fans of this beloved franchise.

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