Pom Klementieff Is Talking with James Gunn About Playing “One Specific Character” in the DCU

Pom Klementieff Is Talking with James Gunn About Playing "One Specific Character" in the DCU

The DCU is still very young, and we have yet to see how James Gunn’s vision will come to life and what it will look like. But, from the looks of it, Gunn has a very firm vision of what he wants to create, and fans of DC Comics definitely have a lot to be excited about. Not many projects have been announced and planned at this point, but one common topic is related to the actors who might appear in the DCU, especially those who have worked with Gunn in the MCU. And while some names have not been associated with a “transfer” to the DCU, others – like Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista – have, and we can now add Pom Klementieff to the list.

Pom Klementieff will be known to MCU fans for playing Mantis in Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, a role that launched her into stardom. Mantis was one of the most beloved characters in the whole MCU, and Klementieff had a great working relationship with Gunn, so we assume that we are in for a treat if they do collaborate in the DCU as well!

While we don’t have any precise information for you, we can confirm that Klementieff and Gunn have been discussing the option of Klementieff playing a specific character in the MCU, with several outlets reporting the following quote:

“Do you really think I’m going to answer this question? I just want to keep working with James, so we’re going to keep trying to find ways to do that. Yes, we’ve been talking about one specific character, but I can’t talk about that right now.”

Source: Deadline

As you can see, Klementieff has confirmed her intention to join the DCU and it seems that she and Gunn already know who she will be playing. It seems like it’s only a matter of time, of tweaking out the details before we see Klementieff in the DCU as well.

Who could she be playing, then? There are several roles that she would be great for, but the fan favorites are, of course, Katana, Huntress, and Lady Shiva. Katana has already been featured in the DCEU so we don’t think Gunn is simply going to copy that. Huntress would be a great choice, but it would require a lot of world-building, and we also had a Huntress in the DCEU as well, so… but Lady Shiva seems like an ideal role for Klementieff, and we definitely hope that this is the role they are talking about, as it would also imply a direction in which the Batman part of the DCU would head, and that has us excited. Of course, be sure to keep following us for all the updates!

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