‘Power Book IV: Force’: Is Tariq Coming to Chicago? Here Is What We Know

Tommy VS Tariq in Power

Starz caused a storm among Power fans on June 11, 2023, when they tweeted a photo with Tariq and Tommy on opposite sides of a beach-volleyball court. In the photo, Tommy and Tariq have the same clothes as they did in the finale of Power Book II: Ghost, during which Tommy made peace with Tariq. The scene at the beach is not in Ghost, though, which leaves many fans wondering whether the upcoming season of Power Book IV: Force will feature Tariq and whether he is in Chicago.

While the tweet doesn’t confirm a crossover scene from Ghost Season 3 in Force Season 2, it teases at the possibility. Tasha and Tariq made peace with Tommy, so a confrontation might not happen in Force, but a partnership is still possible. Since Tariq is being hunted by Noma and the Tejadas in New York, Chicago might be the right place for him and Brayden to hide and regroup, and who better to go to for refuge if not Uncle Tommy?

However, in the photo, Triq doesn’t have the same clothes he wore when he was fleeing with Brayden. It is, therefore, more likely that Force only has scenes of Tommy’s exchange with Tariq in New York, and Tariq doesn’t necessarily come to Chicago. There is still the beach and Tasha’s secret plans to explain though s let’s delve into how Force Season 2 meets Ghost Season 3.

How is Force Season 2 connected to Ghost Season 3?

While there has been no official confirmation from Starz on whether Michael Rainey JR. will join the cast in the second season of Force, there is a high likelihood of events in Ghost spilling over into Force.

The first season of Force had crossover scenes with Ghost, and the second season is likely to have them too.

Tommy making peace with Tasha and Tariq is a big thing for the character, and his trip back to New York has to be explained in Force’s second season.

The photo tweeted by Starz was also retweeted by Joseph Sikora, who plays Tommy, increasing speculation that Tariq and Tommy might also meet in Force.

The scenes are likely based in New York because Tariq is wearing the same clothes he had on when he said goodbye to Tommy in the finale of Ghost Season 3.

Tommy is also wearing the same clothes he has on, which means he likely meets again with Tariq after their last scene together in Ghost.


‘Power Book IV: Force’: When Will Season 2 Be Released? Does Tasha Join Tommy?

Kate Egan was also revealed to be in New York, yet she was last seen in Chicago in the first season of Force.

She is also likely to play a big role in Force’s second season as Tommy and his brother struggle to find footing in Chicago.

Another likely character to join the second season of Force is Tasha, who also made peace with Tommy.

Tasha confirmed to Tommy that she had killed Lakeisha to save his life and that there was no need for the blood feud to continue.

Tommy then stops Tariq from killing Monet in Ghost, reminding Tariq that Tasha warned him against it, which means Tasha and Tommy were in communication.

Since Liliana died in the first season of Force and Claudia Flynn went back to work with her father, Tasha might be the only person Tommy trusts enough with his new distribution business in the second season.

However, none of these crossover possibilities have been confirmed, so they remain to be seen when Power Book IV: Force Season 2 premieres.

Who stars in Power Book Iv: Force Season 2?

Joseph Sikora is one of the obvious returnees since Starz has already confirmed that he will return for another season of Force.

Lili Simons also returns as Claudia Flynn, although there is no confirmation from the trailer that she will join Tommy, so she might be the season’s toughest villain.

Tommy Flanagan and Shane Harper also return as Walter and Vic Flyn, respectively, and the father-and-son partnership doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

Jenard Sampson, played by Kris Lofton, is another villain whose role seems to be improved in Season 2 after he partnered with Walter Flynn against Tommy and Diamond.

Tommy’s obvious allies include David “Diamond” Sampson, played by Isaac Keys, and his young buddy Darnell McDowell, played by Lucien Cambric.

Patricia Kalember also stars as Tommy’s mother, Kate Egan. Tommy’s half-brother JP Gibbs, played by Anthony Flemming, will also play a major role.

Law enforcement will be represented by US attorney Stacy Marks who is portrayed by Miriam A. Hyman.

Other newcomers in the second season include Carmela Zumbado, who plays Mireya Garcia, the sister of a dangerous Mexican drug dealer and likely Tommy’s love interest.

Manuel Eduardo Ramirez also joins as the ruthless Mexican drug dealer Miguel Garcia (Mireya Garcia’s brother).

When will Force Season 2 be released?

power book iv force season 2.jpg

Starz confirmed that the first episode of Power Book II Force will air on September 1, 2020, on the streaming platform.

The season will consist of 10 episodes, just like the first season, with each episode lasting nearly one hour.

The second season follows Tommy on a revenge mission against the Flynn family as well as Jenard Simpson for killing Liliana.

His ambition to get close to his family and probably have a second chance also takes center stage, which means his mother and brother play a big role.

Tommy must also save his own drug supply operation after Liliana’s death since the market doesn’t tolerate shortages.

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