Psycho-Pass Providence Anime Movie Announced (with Release Date)

Psycho-Pass Providence Anime Movie Announced (with release date)

The Psycho-Pass 10th Anniversary Project was held on August 13, 2022 in Japan and while we certainly did expect some news, the producers once again made the fandom happy by announcing that a new Psycho-Pass anime movie, titled PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE, is in the works at Production I.G, with series veteran Naoyoshi Shiotani returning to direct once again. The 10th Anniversary celebration is beginning in October 2022 and we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Psycho-Pass projects.

PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE has been officially confirmed in August 2022 as the next installment in the Psycho-Pass franchise. A release date has not been officially confirmed, but we know that the 10th Anniversary Project is beginning in October 2022 and will run for several months at least. Naoyoshi Shiotani is coming back to direct the movie and the original cast is also set to return.

The rest of this article is going to bring you all the known and unknown information related to the upcoming PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE movie, the next installment in this cyberpunk series. You’re going to find out about its potential release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, and much more about this great anime series.

Psycho-Pass PROVIDENCE release date and plot

After two years, the team behind the brilliant cyberpunk anime project Psycho-Pass has finally given us an update on a new project. Now, with the First Inspector ending on a cliffhanger, a future project was almost certain, but with the COVID-19 pandemic and absolutely no news, fans began to worry. Akane promised to tell Shindo and Ignatov what had happened two years prior and we hoped (or knew, it’s a matter of perspective) that the producers won’t leave us without the story of how Akane ended up in a detention facility.

A special 10th-anniversary event was held in Japan in August 2022 and during said event, it was announced that the Psycho-Pass anime project would be getting its next installment in the form of an anime movie titled Psycho-Pass PROVIDENCE. A poster was also revealed:

Psycho-Pass Providence Anime Movie Announced (with Release Date)

We know that the movie is currently in the works at Production I.G with director Naoyoshi Shiotani, who is returning once more to the beloved franchise. Now, we don’t know many other details, the release date included, but a teaser video was also released, scheduling the beginning of the Anniversary Project for October 2022. Here is the teaser:

As for the potential plot, we don’t really know anything official, but based on the ending of the First Inspector and the poster, we have some ideas on what could be the main plot point of the upcoming movie. Namely, in the post-credits scene of Psycho-Pass, Akane, having been released, says to Shindo and Ignatov that she will finally reveal the reasons behind her incarceration, i.e., what happened “two years ago”.

It is quite significant that Akane said that to Shindo, since Shindo’s father was a former inspector who committed suicide – two years ago! Based on the poster, which shows Shindo’s father (upper left) and the old characters in focus – Shindo and Ignatov are significantly missing from the poster – we suspect that the movie will focus on the events that happened two years prior and will explain both the reasons of Atsushi Shindo’s suicide and Akane ending up in a facility, as well as reveal more details about the Bifrost.

This is, of course, pure speculation, but from the hints we have, it seems likely that the film will be focused on these events. Plus, it wouldn’t be strange for a Psycho-Pass movie to go back in time, rather than just simply advance the plot, so we’ll definitely be looking forward to more information in the upcoming weeks and months.

What is the Psycho-Pass 10th Anniversary Project all about?

Now, before we close this off, let us give you some additional details on what the creative time behind the Psycho-Pass project have planned for the upcoming Anniversary project. The 10th-anniversary project is centered around the theme of “gratitude” for fans. Voice actor Tomokazu Seki, who plays Enforcer and former Inspector Shinya Kōgami, will serve as the principal ambassador of the project.

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One of the biggest announcements was the return of the first season’s Psycho-Pass Radio program, which is returning on the Internet Radio Station Onsen as well as Spotify on the second Friday of every month, starting in September. Kenji Nojima, the voice actor behind ex-Inspector and Enforcer Nobuchika Ginoza, will be the host of this program.

In addition to that, the Noitamina Shop & Cafe Theater will hold a year-long campaign with goods, which is going to showcase some exclusive illustrations, and a collaboration food menu for fans of the series from September 3, 2022 to August 31, 2023. The cafe will also be screening the first season of the Psycho-Pass anime again starting in October 2022, and will also celebrate the birthdays of the thirteen key characters from the series, starting with Kōgami’s on August 16.

Psycho-Pass Providence Anime Movie Announced (with Release Date)

Another aspect of the project is the “Psycho-Tour in Loft” campaign, which will travel to Loft stores starting with Aichi’s Loft Nagoya on November 2, before continuing to Kyoto, Fukuoka, Sendai, Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama as its final destination. The campaign will also feature a variety of goods using the 10th anniversary main visual we’ve shown you above, as well as various goods with exclusive illustrations by the show’s principal character designer Naoyuki Onda.

The Psycho-Pass -Online Exhibition- is also a big thing and will have a soft advance opening from December 2 to December 12, before its formal grand opening on December 19, and running until February 28. The exhibition will display some key scenes from all three seasons of the Psycho-Pass anime, and also sell goods will exclusive illustrations, which seems to be a recurring motif of the project.

Another piece of news is that the anime’s official fan club Psycho-Box will be opening a special 10th-anniversary page which will offer various exclusive content and sell goods with exclusive illustrations of Ginoza as the featured character.

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