Psycho-Pass Providence Movie Characters & Voice Cast

Psycho-Pass Providence Movie Characters & Voice Cast

The Psycho-Pass 10th Anniversary Project was held on August 13, 2022 in Japan and while we certainly did expect some news, the producers once again made the fandom happy by announcing that a new Psycho-Pass anime movie, titled PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE, is in the works at Production I.G, with series veteran Naoyoshi Shiotani returning to direct once again. It will be the fourth Psycho-Pass movie and from what we can speculate, it is going to follow up on the post-credits scene of the First Inspector movie.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Psycho-Pass characters who are going to make their return in the upcoming movie and their voice actors in the anime series. Now, we don’t know too many of the characters yet, but the official poster has revealed more than enough for us to deliver a great article! Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

CharacterVoice Actor
Akane TsunemoriKana Hanazawa
Shinya KōgamiTomokazu Seki
Nobuchika GinozaKenji Nojima
Atsushi ShindoTakayuki Sugo
Mika ShimotsukiAyane Sakura
Teppei SugoHiroki Tōchi
Sho HinakawaTakahiro Sakurai
Frederica HanashiroTakako Honda
Yayoi KunizukaShizuka Itō
Shion KaranomoriMiyuki Sawashiro
Joji SaigaKazuhiro Yamaji
Unnamed AntagonistTBC

Akane Tsunemori – Kana Hanazawa


An inspector assigned to Unit 1. Considered an exemplary citizen, she decided to join the police despite having high qualifications that allow her to enter other areas of public and private companies, because she was the only person who achieved a good score in that area, which led her to believe that perhaps there was something that only she could do if she entered the Public Security Bureau.

She has been shown to have a high tolerance for alcohol, as well as an incredibly clear psyche, which allows her to quickly bounce back from circumstances that would greatly raise a normal person’s crime quotient. Despite Ginoza’s instructions, she refuses to treat the Enforcers in any special way, considering them as partners. She has difficulty understanding Shinya, asking her friends and other members of Unit 1 for their opinion on the matter.

In Episode 13, she expresses her decision to catch Makishima even if it means being demoted. to executor. She shows great admiration for Kougami and friendship later on she shows an even greater feeling for it than just friendship. In the epilogue, Akane has become the de facto leader of Unit 1.

Shinya Kōgami – Tomokazu Seki

Psycho Pass Shinya Kogami 1

An enforcer for Unit 1 of the Public Security Crime Section and Akane’s subordinate. He was previously an inspector and partner of Ginoza, however, after the cruel murder of Sasayama, an enforcer assigned to his charge during the course of an investigation, he became obsessed with solving the case, rapidly increasing his crime coefficient to the point that it was demoted to the position of Executor. Even after the case was closed by his superiors, he has continued to investigate it on his own behalf.

His physical condition and reflexes are above average, to the point of facing drones on several occasions. He has great intuition and deductive ability, to the point of capturing Makishima’s interest. He eventually left Unit 1 to hunt down and kill Makishima alone. He ultimately succeeds, but with Makishima’s death, the Sybil System no longer withdraws Kogami’s execution order for his neglect and delinquency. In the epilogue, it is revealed that he has gone into hiding.


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Nobuchika Ginoza – Kenji Nojima

Nobuchika 4

Veteran inspector and former partner of Shinya, with whom he remains friends even after his demotion. He is in charge of Unit 1’s enforcers. Smart and cold-hearted, he is a strong believer in the Sybil system, continually urging Akane to draw a clear line between inspectors and enforcers. Despite considering Akane inexperienced, he believes that she has the necessary skills to become a great inspector, and he cares for her.

He feels betrayed both by his old partner Shinya, and by his father Tomomi (with whom he has a bad relationship, despite being his only living relative) having both lost the position of inspectors and being demoted to executors by having increased their respective crime rates. Despite his high abilities, his frustration causes his crime rate to also be rising, thus running the risk of being demoted in the future as well. I

n the epilogue, he was demoted to enforcer due to his high criminal coefficient, reflecting the same fate as Masaoka and Kogami.

Atsushi Shindo – Takayuki Sugo

Atsushi Shindo 02

Atsushi Shindo was Arata Shindo’s father. He joined Bifrost as an Inspector to rescue Arata from the Sibyl System after discovering he was criminally asymptomatic. He also killed Kei’s brother, Akira Ignatov, and committed suicide.

Mika Shimotsuki – Ayane Sakura

C2 Mika

Student of the Ousou Women’s Academy. Her childhood friends, as well as classmates Kagami Kawarazaki and Yoshika Okubo, were killed by Rikako Oryo. Two months after Makishima’s death, she becomes the new inspector of Unit 1. She disapproves of Akane’s course of action, with which she always disagrees.


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Teppei Sugo – Hiroki Tōchi

Teppei 1

Teppei Sugo is a new Enforcer in Season 2. Originally an Enforcer in Unit 2 under Risa, he is tasked with executing anyone with a high Crime Coefficient during a hostage situation at a psychiatric facility, which led him to kill his own inspector. He is then transferred to Unit 1 where he comes into conflict with Nobuchika, Risa’s close friend.

Teppei continues to help the team, most notably during an encounter at a drone factory where he worked before his Crime Coefficient went up. Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System further reveals that Teppei was a drone pilot for the military before being involved in an incident where he first met Risa and Tomomi and his Crime Coefficient began to increase.

Sho Hinakawa – Takahiro Sakurai

TV2 Sho

Sho Hinakawa is a new enforcer in Season 2. He generally acts shy and introverted. A former hologram designer, he is particularly good at analyzing digital information in the field. In Season 3, he and Shion are the only ones left in Unit 1 after a major membership overhaul. Tasked with protecting Unit One, he remains attached to Akane.

Frederica Hanashiro – Takako Honda


Frederica Hanashiro is an assistant officer in the Foreign Ministry’s Law Enforcement Division, a department that oversees international crimes such as smuggling and terrorism. The department includes its own investigators and advisers, led by Frederica, including former Unit One detectives Nobuchika Ginoza, Teppei Sugo, and Shinya Kogami.

She first appears in Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System to recruit Teppei and Shinya and is known to do the State Department’s dirty work. She makes regular appearances in Season 3, coordinating with Chief Mika Shimotsuki of the Public Security Bureau as the two organizations conduct independent but closely related investigations.


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Yayoi Kunizuka – Shizuka Itō

TV3 Yayoi

A former musician allowed to practice her art by Sibyl, her passion darkens her Psycho-Pass, which results in her being placed in detention. Despite everything, she keeps the hope of getting out of prison by clearing up her Psycho-Pass and initially refuses Ginoza’s proposal to become an Executioner. However, she decides to help Unit 1 when a resistance group is located in her old resort district.

During the operation, she finds an old interpreter friend (unauthorized) who has become resistant and opposed to the oracle Sibyl. Fearing that her friend will end up executed, Yayoi tries to bring her to her senses but without success. She, therefore, understands that power is necessary and decides to become an Enforcer. Kōgami then tells him that no one ever gets out of custody anyway, unless they are an Enforcer.

She and analyst Karanomori have an intimate relationship, though seemingly devoid of tenderness. Apparently cold at first, she does not show any hostility towards her colleagues, except Tsunemori whom she considers too naive. However, she seems to have complete confidence in the latter at the end of season 1.

Shion Karanomori – Miyuki Sawashiro

TV3 Shion

An employee of the Main Research Department at the Public Safety Bureau. Monitors the health of team members and helps them by providing information obtained by analyzing data on crimes. She is very good-looking and has a very glamurous appearance; she also loves flattery. She is in an intimate relationship with Kunizuka Yayoi; she is bisexual. Shion is very sociable and loves to smoke. Professionally, she is a hacker and her skills help the inspectors on more than one occasion.

Joji Saiga – Kazuhiro Yamaji

Saiga 2

Jouji Saiga is a criminal psychologist, former university professor and associate of the PSB, and also a latent criminal who is in a rehabilitation hospital. A distinguished intellectual and individual, Dr. Saiga gained notoriety when an increased Crime Coefficient was observed among his students. It soon turned out that this was not a consequence of deliberate action, but of his teaching style; he forced his students to question values and supposed axioms, to think and come to their own conclusions, and not to blindly follow dogma.

The consequence of these examinations for certain students was an increased Crime Coefficient. After leaving his professorship, he retreated into seclusion and lived in isolation, but helped Kōgami and Akane during the hunt for Makishima. In the second season, he directly participated in the work of PSB as a profiler. Although he seems cold and disinterested, Saiga has formed a very close friendship with Akane.

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