Queen Maeve vs. Starlight: Who Would Win In A Fight?


When The Boys started, Queen Maeve was introduced as the supe that no other woman was stronger than in the world as she was second only to Homelander in terms of her strength and durability. However, Starlight has also shown a few impressive moments throughout the series as she is actually a very capable supe as well. So, in a battle between Queen Maeve and Starlight, who would win?

Queen Maeve is going to win in a fight against Starlight. Even though she doesn’t have any powers aside from her enhanced physical capabilities, she is far stronger than Starlight and has the combat skills that are seemingly unmatched in The Boys. She was even able to give Homelander some trouble.

Despite the fact that she no longer has her powers after the season 3 finale, Queen Maeve, in her prime, was capable of pushing Homelander enough to the point that she had one of the most impressive moments in the entire series. Starlight is no pushover, but she just can’t do anything against Maeve. Now, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.


Queen Maeve was the second strongest person on the planet before Soldier Boy was confirmed alive and before she lost her powers. Her strength allowed her to fight Homelander on par, make his nose bleed, and even force a metal rod into his ear. Maeve’s strength also allowed her to push Soldier Boy, the second strongest supe in the world, down Vought Tower during her final moment as a supe. And Maeve was also capable enough of manhandling Black Noir, who himself is quite strong as well.

Starlight is like almost any other supe in the sense that she possesses enhanced physical abilities on top of her powers. She was able to easily lift a car from its heavier side without any effort whatsoever. However, the strength that Starlight seems to possess isn’t on par with the other strong supes in the world, as her physical strength is somewhere near the average level. That means that she isn’t entirely quite strong and is only strong when compared to regular human beings.


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The fact that Starlight struggled to keep Soldier Boy, who had already inhaled Novichok, held down proves that she is nowhere near the strength of Maeve. And Maeve easily overpowered Stormfront, who Starlight didn’t even stand a chance against.

Queen Maeve 1, Starlight 0


Queen Maeve, unlike Homelander, doesn’t seem to possess any powers outside of her enhanced physical capabilities. She may be very strong and durable and is right up there at the top in terms of how strong she is. However, she doesn’t have the powers that some of the other supes have. Nevertheless, her lack of other powers has never been an issue for her because she has always been more than capable of holding her own against any other supe in battle.

Starlight does have enhanced physical capabilities, but her powers were always her ability to absorb energy from any electric source nearby and then use it as a fuel for her energy-based beams. At her most powerful state, she was able to levitate off the ground and blast Soldier Boy with a beam so strong that it knocked him away and allowed her and Kimiko enough time to keep him held down.

This is probably the only area where Starlight will have a chance against Maeve. We don’t know how much damage her powers can do against Queen Maeve in a fight, but she may be able to find a way to take advantage of her only advantage.

Queen Maeve 1, Starlight 1


On top of the fact that she is the strongest woman in the world, she is arguably the most durable woman on the planet as well. The proof of her durability is the fact that she was able to survive a heat vision from point-blank range from Homelander during their fight in the season 3 finale. We don’t know how much juice Homelander put into that attack, but we do know that it wasn’t enough to even injure Queen Maeve. She was also able to survive a few attacks from Homelander, who was strong enough to kill Black Noir with a single punch in the gut.

Starlight is pretty much somewhere close to the average level in terms of her durability. She has never shown how durable she is because she often struggled against tough opponents. One case in point was when A-Train dodged all of her attacks in their fight in season 2 and gave her a push that was enough to keep her down. After all, her durability was never her strongest ability, but we can say for sure that she is just as durable as the average supe.

Comparing Starlight’s durability to Queen Maeve is simply a no-contest because we are looking at someone who was able to handle a few hits from Homelander. As such, this round goes to Maeve.

Queen Maeve 2, Starlight 1

Combat Skills

Out of all of the supes in the world, Queen Maeve seems to have the best combat skills because her entire shtick relies on her persona as an Amazon princess. She is deadly with a sword in her hand and has the capacity to make someone as powerful as Homelander struggle against her unarmed combat skills because she is simply that good. Among all of the members of The Seven, Black Noir is probably the only one that could match her combat skills.

Starlight has shown her abilities as a martial artist as well as she is proficient in a lot of forms of martial arts, including Taekwondo and kickboxing. She knows how to use her enhanced strength to her advantage when it comes to her martial arts skills. Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise because most supes are trained in martial arts well enough so that they can properly represent Vought as superheroes.


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Even though Starlight is a proficient martial artist, Queen Maeve is on an entirely different level, as her skills are somewhere close to Black Noir’s own skills. And we did see how Black Noir completely overwhelmed Starlight in a fight. 

Queen Maeve 3, Starlight 1


Queen Maeve has had a lot of impressive feats in the series. The first one we could think of was restraining Black Noir and holding him down long enough for Starlight to force-feed him Almond Joy. There is also the fact that she completely overwhelmed Stormfront, one of the most powerful supes in the series, in a battle. Then, in her final fight as a supe, Queen Maeve was able to keep Homelander at bay while The Boys focused on Soldier Boy.

Starlight doesn’t have the best feats as far as The Boys is concerned because she has always been an underdog that needed to work with others to defeat other supes that are quite strong as well. Her best feat so far is being able to absorb all of the energy from the lights in Vought so that she could blast Soldier Boy with a beam strong enough to keep him down long enough. However, she often struggles against other supes, such as when she got completely owned by A-Train and Black Noir in separate instances.

There is a good reason why Queen Maeve is the strongest woman on the planet, as she was able to give Homelander a hard time in their fight. Starlight has never had any feat remotely close to that.

Queen Maeve 4, Starlight 1

Queen Maeve vs. Starlight: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Queen Maeve is simply on a different level when compared to Starlight. Even though Starlight has improved a lot since the first season, she hasn’t showcased powers and abilities that put her anywhere close to Maeve’s overall capabilities. As such, we really don’t see Starlight putting up much of a fight against the strongest woman on the planet.

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