Ranking of Kings Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More

Ranking of Kings Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More

Ranking of Kings is a seinen manga written and drawn by Sōsuke Tōka. It has been published online since May 2017 in the Manga Hack magazine of the publisher Enterbrain. Wit Studio produced an anime adaptation consisting of 23 episodes aired on Fuji TV’s noitaminA time slot from October 15, 2021 to March 25, 2022. In this article, we are going to discuss a potential second season of Ranking of Kings.

The second season of Ranking of Kings still hasn’t been confirmed yet. The first season aired only a year ago, but there haven’t been any additional works based on this popular seinen manga, which is still ongoing, in case you’ve been wondering. Still, Ranking of Kings is a very popular series and based on all the known facts, a second season is highly probable. We just don’t know when.

The rest of this article will bring you all the known and unknown information related to a potential season 2 of Ranking of Kings. You’re going to find out about its potential release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, and much more about this extremely popular new anime series.

Ranking of Kings Season 2 release date

On December 8, 2019, it was announced that the manga would get an anime adaptation. Wit Studio was in charge of producing the anime television series, and the Japanese Federation of the Deaf oversaw the sign language animation. The series was directed by Yōsuke Hatta, with Taku Kishimoto serving as the screenwriter. Atsuko Nozaki was in charge of the character design, and MAYUKO composed the series’ music.

King Gnu performed the opening credits titled “BOY,” while Yama performed the ending credits titled “Oz.” Vaundy performed the second opening credits titled “Hadaka no Yūsha,” while Miletus performed the second ending credits titled “Flare.”

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It aired on Fuji TV Channel’s noitaminA time slot from October 15, 2021 to March 25, 2022. The episodes were available to stream in Japan on Amazon Prime Video one hour after they aired on TV. Wakanim owns the simulcast rights to the series in French-speaking countries and Germany, Austria, the Nordic countries, and Russian-speaking countries.

In North America, the series is acquired by Funimation, which broadcasted a subtitled version in simulcast. The series was also simulcast from the second course on Crunchyroll.

Now, in light of all of this, where does this leave us with a potential second season? Ranking of Kings is, without a doubt, fairly popular, and there definitely is a lot of unadapted material that can be made into an anime series. Considering all of this, Ranking of Kings‘ future seems very bright in terms of a renewal.

The original manga series is, as we have said, quite popular, and there is absolutely no doubt that the creators behind the concept want it to continue even further, especially since the manga is still ongoing; if we combine this with the fact that thee first season aired only recently, it makes us very hopeful, honestly. In any case, the earliest we could see a potential second season is 2024, but we’d have to get some confirmation on the future during 2022 or 2023.

Ranking of Kings Season 2 trailer

You now know all the facts and our thoughts related to Ranking of Kings Season 2, which means that you’ve probably deduced for yourselves that there is no trailer for the second season of Ranking of Kings. This is because we do not know whether there will even be a second season of the show, which means that a trailer might not appear at all. But, based on all the information we have, this does not seem like a likely outcome.

As we have said, Ranking of Kings is a very likely candidate for a return. The ongoing manga series still has more material up for adapting, and the anime is quite popular as well, which is always great to hear. Still, we have to wait and see whether there are actual plans for a continuation before we can make a proper prediction. Be that as it may, Ranking of Kings is currently on a short break until we get more information on the show’s future.

Taking into account everything we’ve said, a trailer for Ranking of Kings is unlikely to come out this or the next year. The earliest we could see a trailer is 2024, but we would have to get confirmation of a second season sometime during 2023 for that to happen.

Ranking of Kings Season 2 plot

At this moment, we do not know which parts of the ongoing manga series are going to be adapted in the potential Season 2 of Ranking of Kings. Namely, due to a lack of information in general, we have absolutely no clue how far the second season might go if it even happens. The only thing we know for sure is that it will continue the adventure of the show’s protagonists. What follows is a general overview of the show’s plot.

The kingdom of Bosse is in peril. Its founder, known for his Herculean strength, is seriously ill, and the heir, the young Prince Bojji, is far from having the profile to take his place. Deaf and dumb, with a weakness such as the inability to wield a sword, he is the target of all mockery, from the knight to the peasant.

If he accedes to the throne, the country is destined to decline in the ranking of kings, the main criterion of which is the power of the sovereigns. From this point of view, it is the youngest prince, Daida, who wins popular support.

Yet Bojji wears an eternal smile. Even when a mysterious shadow orders him to give it his clothes, he happily complies Because, for the first time in his life, the boy finds a conversation partner. This strange thief understands his words. Bojji then reveals his dream to him: to become the best king in the world!

Ranking of Kings Season 2 cast

It’s still too early for us to discuss a potential second season of Ranking of Kings in terms of cast and characters, simply because we do not know whether there will even be a second season. But, seeing how we know that the series is going to have a more-or-less fixed cast, we really don’t expect to see too many changes in the structure of season two, if it ever happens. Now, the main characters that have appeared in season one, likely to return for a second season, include:

  • Bojji
    Voiced by: Minami Hinata
    The main protagonist of the story and the first prince of the Kingdom of Bosse. Born deaf and small in size, he was openly ridiculed and despised by many within the palace and kingdom. Despite his disability, Bojji dreams of becoming a strong king like his father and always tries to keep a smile in front of others. He is known for his kindness, which has earned him many unexpected allies, diligence, and intuition, which allows him to read lips and know what people are saying. He also possesses extreme agility and evasiveness unconventional for kings who tend to rely on strength, and like all members of his race, he is resistant to poison. After Daida’s coronation, he and Kage set out on a journey.
  • Kage
    Voiced by: Ayumu Murase
    A last surviving member of the Shadow Clan and companion to Bojji. Born into a clan of assassins, Kage was a young child when he saw his entire family killed by the kingdom they served. He subsequently ran away and was exploited by a thug, who eventually sold him for money. Tempered by the cruel ways of the world, Kage grew up using the skills of his clan to make a living out of stealing. He eventually meets Bojji and is touched by his kindness and his situation, promising to be his faithful friend. Bebin tasks him to follow and protect Bojji on his journey.
  • Daida
    Voiced by: Yūki Kaji
    Bojji’s younger half-brother, Queen Hiling’s biological son, and the current king. Like Bojji, he is hardworking and resilient but possesses a streak of pride and arrogance as he struggles to resemble his father. Deep down, he is secretly jealous of his brother, who he believes was able to get everyone’s love and the position of king effortlessly.
  • Hiling
    Voiced by: Rina Satō
    The queen, Daida’s mother, and Bojji’s stepmother. She used to be more loving and affectionate towards Bojji. Still, after Daida’s birth, she adopted a more strict and practical personality regarding royal affairs, eventually deeming Bojji unfit to rule. Despite being very critical of Bojji, she treasures him as much as her biological son and often expends a lot of energy to heal the wounds he suffers. She allows Bojji to go on his journey with Domas and Hokuro, and sets his destination to be his parents’ house.
  • Domas
    Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi
    The best swordsman in the Kingdom of Bosse, whose sword style reflects the strength of King Bosse. He was assigned to be Bojji’s master, and although he greatly treasures the prince, he decided that he would never have power equal to his father’s and abandoned him. In an attempt to reaffirm his allegiance to a single lord, he swears allegiance to Daida and attempts to kill Bojji by pushing him into the Underworld Hole. Overcome with regret, he later cuts off his right hand and rescues Hokuro from execution, intending to train him to become stronger.

Where to watch Ranking of Kings Season 2?

At this moment, as expected, there is no means of watching Ranking of Kings season two, as there is no season two of Ranking of Kings to watch. The first season was streamed globally by Funimation and Crunchyroll, the best anime-related sites on the Internet, so it is safe to assume that a second season would also be streamed via Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Will there be a Ranking of Kings Season 3?

The future of Ranking of Kings is, as of this moment, unknown. At this moment, we don’t really know anything about a second season, so whether we’ll be seeing the third season or not is still unknown. The series has done well and there is still a lot of material to adapt, which is a good sign for fans of Ranking of Kings, but we are going to have to wait and see how the situation with season two evolves to know more about a potential season three, although it is likely.

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