‘Ray Donovan: The Movie’ Announced With an Official Trailer

'Ray Donovan: The Movie' Announced With an Official Trailer

Showtime has released the first trailer and poster for Ray Donovan: The Movie, which will bring Liev Schreiber back to the title role in which we watched him through seven seasons of the very successful eponymous series.

The film arrives as the conclusion of a story, which they did not have a chance to finish after the series was unexpectedly canceled after seven seasons, which surprised fans but also the creative team of the series, including David Hollander, who will return for the film as one of the screenwriters and its director.

Ray Donovan: The Movie

Season seven is over so Donovan has reached the point of purification, ready to get rid of the person he has been so far, with the help of Dr. Amiot (Alan Aldo), but he can’t escape his own past and Donovan will have to be that old Ray again. He found himself torn between finding a balance between tidying up his clients, a tireless cop wanting to find out the truth about him and tidying up himself.

When Mayor Feratti’s corrupt past (Zach Greiner) revealed part of Mickey’s (Jon Voight) past, Ray was forced to find answers to questions about his family’s past.

It seems that most of the cast from the series should reprise their roles in the film, which should have its premiere on January 14, 2022.

Check out the first official trailer for Ray Donovan: The Movie below.

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