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The beginning of Attack on Titan series finale has once again placed one of the most popular anime in the world under the radar. Fans can’t wait to see what will happen to some of their favorite characters, as well as how the story will turn out for Eldian people and the Marley. After episode 76 aired on January 9th, 2022, titled Judgement, the fandom can’t wait to see more the next Sunday on January 16th. This is the weekend when another popular show will air a new episode – Demon Slayer.

Not many anime shows or series in general can brag with multi-million viewership, and Attack on Titan series is on the list of shows that can add that to the list of achieved milestones. With millions and millions of fans following up with the series with growing numbers in the past several years, what makes Attack on Titan so popular?


Crunchyroll streams special Attack On Titan episodes

Attack on Titan show made a colossal success thanks to an elaborate and captivating story, clever twists, thrilling fights, an amazingly built fantasy world, characters and character building and development – all of these factors combined have lead to the point where the show is accepted and appraised internationally. The flow of the series may have also played a significant part in the show’s acclaimed popularity.

The series start with a basic plot where we are introduced to the world where humanity is in danger from being wiped out by Titans, completely surrounded on all sides and with only walls to protect them. However, as the series progress and we are introduced to the characters, a whole new world of complex political narrative emerges to reveal that Attack on Titan is so much more other than the basic plot from the beginning of the story.

This is the first major twist in the series – the very realization that the basic plot we were following has more complex plots within, driving us into the conflict between the Marley and Eldian people. The series is close to an end with part 2 of the final season already taking us to the second episode, while it is almost certain that anime fans will have a hard time finding another story as captivating as Attack on Titan.

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