Netflix Announces Release Date for ‘Parasyte: The Grey’

Parasyte: The Grey

Netflix just let us in on when ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ will be hitting our screens. It’s all set for April 5, 2024. This new show is a fresh take on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s iconic manga. We’re getting a whole new setting and characters, but the heart of the original story is still there.

The director behind the camera is Yeon Sang-Ho, who you might know from ‘Train to Busan’. And guess who’s leading the charge on screen? Jeon So-Nee. She’s playing Su-Mi, who’s navigating life with a parasite. The story is all about ‘Team Grey’, a bunch of folks standing up to parasites.

The cast doesn’t stop with Jeon So-Nee. We’ve got Koo Kyo-Hwan as Kang-Woo, who’s on a mission to find his sister. Then there’s Lee Jung-Hyun, who plays Jun-Kyung, the guy leading the fight against the parasites.


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Hitoshi Iwaaki, the brain behind the manga, shared some thoughts. He’s thrilled because this is a brand new story. Even though he wrote the manga, this time he gets to watch it unfold just like the rest of us. He talked about how ‘Parasyte’ feels like a child to him, and now with this adaptation, it’s like seeing a grandchild come into the world. Iwaaki is excited to see this new chapter unfold in Korea, expecting it to take us to places he never imagined.

So, mark your calendars for April 5. ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ is promising to be something special. With a killer cast and a director like Yeon Sang-Ho, it’s hard not to get excited. Let’s see where this new story takes us.

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