Rent-a-Girlfriend is Getting Season 2, Release Date and Details resizeimage 20

Rent-a-Girlfriend is an anime series that follows the story of Kazuya Kinoshita after he gets dumped by his one-month girlfriend. To make himself feel better and cure his post-breakup depression, Kazuya decides to rent a girlfriend, Chizuru Mizuhara. A great delight for anime fans with an affinity for goofy romance stories.

Things get complicated as Kazuya doesn’t like Chizuru at first and gives her a bad rating but is forced to keep renting her as a girlfriend to keep an appearance for his family and friends once his grandmother ends up in a hospital and meets Chizuru. Kazuya continues playing pretend even though the fake couple finds out they are neighbors on top of attending the same college.


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The series starts as a manga penned by Reiji Miyajima and first published in 2017. The manga was first adapted into anime series in 2020 after being announced in December of 2019. The series seems to have its fanbase already after the first season as Rent-a-Girlfriend had just been renewed for a new season. The release date was also made official in one of the latest announcements, while the mangaka released some key visuals to mark the announcement of another anime season.

Rent-a-Girlfriend Announces Season 2 Release Date

Rent-a-Girlfriend will continue Kazuya’s story with another season where the first season left the fans. The second season will air in July 2022, so the series’ fans must be eagerly waiting for the summer to arrive. Crunchyroll premiered the first season back in July 2020, while it is almost certain that the popular anime streaming service will be the first such service to premiere the second season as well.  

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