10 Best Robert Aramayo Movies & TV Shows to Watch in 2023

10 Best Robert Aramayo Movies TV Shows to Watch in 2023

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Since the TV series Lord of the Rings: The Ring of Power is slowly approaching its release date and we are getting more excited by the minute, it would be more than obvious to present some of its upcoming cast. Robert Aramayo is definitely one of the names we are going to be seeing in the press since he plays one of the most important roles in the series, Elrond, Lord of Rivendell, who was masterfully played by Hugo Weaving in Jackson’s trilogy.

Aramayo is cast as the young Elrond and we can’t wait to see his performance, after his brilliant work in Game of Thrones, Behind Her Eyes and Nocturnal Animals. But before we do, let’s have a look at some of his most appreciated achievements throughout these past years. This is the list of the 10 best Robert Aramayo movies and tv shows.

Nocturnal Animals (2016)

Nocturnal Animals

Aramayo’s film debut was in this brave, almost artistic thriller directed by the inventive Tom Ford and starring two of the best actors nowadays, Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams. It is a story inside a story where we follow Susan, a woman who comes in possession of a book manuscript from her ex-husband. Even though they haven’t been in touch for a long time, he still wants her honest opinion.

The second segment of the movie follows the manuscript itself, named “Nocturnal Elements” which revolves around a man whose family vacation ends extremely violently. We continue with Susan’s story who, while reading the manuscript, starts recalling her past and marriage and has to face some truths about herself. Aramayo plays a character in the novel, one of three men responsible for the main character’s tragedy. 

Game of Thrones (2011-2019)

Game of Thrones

Being cast in one of the most successful TV series of all time has definitely been one of the highlights of Aramayo’s career then, being 24 and playing young Ned Stark, one of the most beloved characters in the whole show. He was a brilliant choice, portraying this brave and honourable man as a great introduction to Sean Bean’s adult part.


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Ned Stark has grown on all of us during his presence in the show and it must have been a pretty big challenge and pressure on Aramayo to bring him back after so many years. He did a great job and showed that he will be a name many filmmakers can count on in the future.

Lost in Florence (2017)

Lost in Florence

Eric Lombard has a lot to deal with, he has to make a choice whether to continue with his professional career as a football player or apply to law school and completely change his way of life. While struggling with this decision, he decides to visit his cousin in Florence with his longtime girlfriend Colleen. 

Instead of enjoying the Italian landscape, culture and food, Eric becomes involved in an ancient local sport of Calcio Storico and soon everything he was wondering about and had to ponder on will be challenged. This is a typical romantic drama, this time told from a guy’s perspective, whose biggest assets are this intriguing ancient game and sights of one of Italy’s most beautiful provinces.

Galveston (2018)


Ben Fosters plays Roy Cady, a New Orleans hitman who is about to get fired from business, but also might disappear in general, since his boss fears that he might get even to him for stealing his girlfriend. Roy manages to escape the ambush and goes on a run together with a young prostitute Rocky, who he discovered as held captive.

He heads out to the city of Galveston, with a few plans on his mind,  among which is to pick up Rocky’s little sister, but also make a plan for redemption and revenge, after all the unfair situations around him lately. He finds refuge in a motel where all kinds of loners reside, among which is Tray, a schemer who wants to make him an accomplice in a petty robbery of a drug store, brilliantly played by Aramayo. 

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek (2018)

The Standoff at Sparrow Creek

This is a crime drama that follows Gannon, an ex-policeman who figures out that the killer responsible for the shooting at a police funeral is the man who joined the militia at the same time as him, after quitting the force. 

Gannon takes the matter into his hands and takes a few of his colleagues to a remote lumber mill where he keeps them captive and interrogates each and every one of them to try and find the killer so he can turn him over to the authorities and prevent future gruesome murders.

Eternal Beauty (2019)

Eternal Beauty

Jane (played by the gifted and always interesting Sally Hawkins) is a woman who suffered a mental breakdown after being left at the altar twenty years ago. This breakdown evolved into an episode of schizophrenia that still lasts and tries to coexist together with her love and family relationships.

Her life changes when she meets David, a musician and one more lost soul who is in search of intimacy and love, just like her. Jane’s lovers haven’t always been strictly real, and Aramayo plays one of her imagined lovers, being only the voice we hear.

Antebellum (2020)


This intriguing thriller, which unfortunately didn’t live up to its full potential tells the story of a 21st century Afro American woman, a successful author named Veronica Hanley, who mysteriously finds herself on a slave plantation somewhere in the Southern part of the United States. 

She will have to escape this nightmare, something that can hardly exist in the 21st century anymore. She will have to fight all the twisted and sick characters she meets along the way and finally reveal a terrifying secret and idea behind all this. 

Behind Her Eyes (2021)

Behind Her Eyes

This mini series based on a mind-blowing novel by the talented Sarah Pinborough is a romantic psychological drama that would be something completely ordinary if it wasn’t for a crazy twist that leaves the audience either completely and utterly fascinated by the whole story or disappointed by the way everything ended.

It tells the story of Louise, a divorced mother who starts an affair with her married boss and soon after that befriends his at the beginning lovely wife Adele, who becomes weirder and more peculiar as the days go by. Louise will have to uncover the background behind Adele’s behaviour, completely unprepared for what awaits her. Aramayo played an important role in this series and once again showed his full acting potential.

The King’s Man (2021)

The Kings Man

This adventure movie is a prequel to the action packed crime comedy Kingsmen: the Secret Service and it brings us the story before the original one. It focuses on some events during World War I and shows us how the Secret Service came to life. 


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With its brilliant cast and excellent script, this movie is a guarantee of a good time, although slightly less original than the first and second part. Gemma Arterton, Djimon Honsou, Ralph Fiennes and Charles Dance are only a few of them who might vouch for an interesting and fun movie.

The Empty Man (2020)

The Empty Man

The story of James, a grieving father who finds himself helping a neighbour whose daughter ran away from home and can’t be found. There was only a message written in the bathroom which points to a local legend, the one of The Empty Man. 

Soon, James will get entangled in the search and gradually become too involved in the whole matter. This is a horror drama that shows how a person can succumb to the most negative things in his life, and everything because of loss and loneliness which often come as a consequence. 

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