Rosamund Pike and Matthew Rhys Team Up in Babak Anvari’s ‘Hallow Road’

Rosamund Pike and Matthew Rhys

In the dynamic world of cinema, Rosamund Pike and Matthew Rhys are set to light the screen in the upcoming thriller, ‘Hallow Road.’ Directed by Babak Anvari, known for his work in ‘Under the Shadow’ and ‘I Came By,’ this film promises a gripping narrative. The screenplay is penned by William Gillies, and the project is a product of London Film & TV’s creative vision.

‘Hallow Road’ unfolds as a nail-biting psychological thriller. It centers around two parents, played by Pike and Rhys, who are thrust into a harrowing situation following a distressing phone call. Their daughter, involved in a tragic car accident, sets the stage for a race against time. This premise alone hints at a story brimming with suspense and emotional depth.

Rosamund Pike, an artist of exceptional talent, brings a rich history of memorable roles. Her versatility shines through in films like ‘Gone Girl,’ ‘I Care a Lot,’ and her portrayal of Moiraine Damodred in Amazon’s ‘The Wheel of Time’. Pike’s ability to bring complex characters to life will undoubtedly add a compelling layer to ‘Hallow Road.’


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Matthew Rhys, celebrated for his role in ‘The Americans’, complements Pike’s prowess. His Emmy-winning performance in this series and roles in ‘Perry Mason’ and ‘The Post’ speak volumes of his acting calibre. Rhys’ involvement in ‘Hallow Road’ assures a performance worth anticipating.

Director Babak Anvari is not new to the genre of thrillers and horror. His acclaimed work in ‘Under the Shadow’ has set a high bar. His collaboration with Rosamund Pike and Matthew Rhys, as he puts it, aims to create “something emotionally intense and charged with uncanny terror”. Anvari’s direction, coupled with Gillies’ writing, could deliver a standout film in the thriller genre.

As the film gears up for production, the anticipation builds. It’s not just another thriller; it’s a collaboration of some of the finest talents in the industry. The combination of Pike’s and Rhys’s acting prowess, under Anvari’s direction and Gillies’s storytelling, makes ‘Hallow Road’ a project to look forward to. This film, financed by XYZ Films, seems poised to leave an indelible mark on its audience.

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